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How many Christians now believe that dead non-Christians have a right to share heaven with them?

Catholics used to say only Catholics go to heaven because protestants were heretics in every sense of the word. Nowadays, most Catholics say that all denominations of Christians make it to heaven.

Now some Christians think some unbelievers who knew the bible but rejected Jesus anyway also go to heaven. What percentage think this? Will most Christians eventually do what the Catholics did by softening their hearts to believe the dead heathens also will be in heaven?

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    most of my friends that are christian believe that their god is not as childish as their parents believed.

    they believe all good people go to this heaven

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    wait a min. As a catholic i understand that my religion is most cruel with judgeing others. I am not the same way but i know that i have no right to judge any other for that is the lords job and his alone. Have i judged yes, but my sin will be brought to me some day in the day of cross roads. Know lets extend behond the christian belief for a moment.

    There are people believe it or not born and never know a thing about christianity or christ or jesus or anything what so ever. Do they automatically go to hell? I dont know, but i do believe they dont go. I mean how can you go with out any knowing of it

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    Since Jesus said, "only through me can you get to heaven" I wouldn't think so.. But of course 90% of Christians these days would have been called heretics in the 16th century and many believe that everyone, regardless of race, religion, etc. get to Heaven...

    Ultimately it is God's decision...

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    I believe taht we all go to heaven or at least a better place. I am Roman Catholic. My father is a married Roman Catholic Priest, here in ONtario Canada. Yes it's rare, but it happens.

    I hate how the Cathlics used to say that. Bah humbug! We are all equal, whether we believe or dont' believe. Hey my dad's a priest and I still sometimes have doubts. We all do at some point I think.

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    If you do not believe in God nor the Christs salvation for you then you are not known by the Christ as you put it. If you know of the Christ and refuse to accept then NO you aren't going into God's heaven. It isn't about being good nor gaining points nor a tally of good and bad behavior! (He is not santa claus you know), He is God. You cannot earn nor buy a place in His Kingdom, you must give your faith to Him and live as He wants you to. It is by His Holy Grace that He accepts your faith in His salvation that we are permitted to be seen as pure and clean. That is what is required to live with God in His Kingdom forever.

    There will be many pagans that will be known by our Christ because they did the best they could with what they had: and where some men and women today did have one heck of a lot more than the ignorant pagan from thousands of years ago; they will be going to hell too!!! To whom much is given much is required. Insurance religion and lip service just doesn't cut it.

    Do you understand? It is by the Christ you get into God's kingdom, He will know your heart regardless of whether you have ever heard of Him or not.

    He knows His church, He knows His brother and sisters, He knows His flock, and we know His voice, He knows who the counterfeit Christians are and He knows who the evil are.

    Unbelievers who reject the Christ will be rejected.

    What else would they expect?

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    The only way to get into Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior. If a nonbeliever rejected Christ, He will reject them before His father. "For I never knew you." It isn't up to Christians to believe the 'dead heatherns' will share Heaven with those of us who will be there, it's up to God. How could anyone know the bible, know Jesus' sacrifice and reject Him?

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    you got that all wrong - maybe some christians got that wrong too.

    The bible actually states that ANYBODY could get into heaven.

    BUT... (yes theres a catch) BUT like everybody else they are being judged before they can get in.

    Now if they are really all that perfect, and without any sin - then of course a non christian would enter heaven too.

    Just take your chance, if you like, I rather bribe the judge and get myself a good lawyer up there...

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    Only those that fallow Jesus and obey God's commands to the end for sure will.

    I am a Christian. But, am I a real Christian?

    God's word has the final answer!!

    Read God's word and put it to practice before worrying about Heavens.

    Heavens it's just like R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    It is not given.

    It is earned.

    Now, work for it!

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    I have no idea I am not religious at all. But probably not to many, likely a lot more than say 40 or 50 years ago.

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    Spending eternity with God is not a right. It is a gift. God is the only one with the prerogative to decide who will receive that gift.

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