What can I become with a degree in astronomy?

besides an astronomer of course....


My college offers a degree in astronomy and physics; which would be better? (i don't really know much about double majors)

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    Well, a 4-year degree in astronomy doesn't really qualify you to become an astronomer anyway. You really need a PhD to be an astronomer, and if you want to get a PhD in astronomy, you should be majoring in physics.

    With a 4-year degree in astronomy, you could teach high school science, work for a museum, planetarium, or observatory, or work for a large research group (Harvard, NASA, NOAO, etc) as a research assistant. Observatories hire astronomy majors to work as telescope operators, but staying up all night on a mountain pressing the same buttons over and over for someone else gets old pretty fast. Research assistant jobs can be hard to come by since it's cheaper to pay a graduate student to do the same thing, and they have more experience. So really, there's not a lot related to astronomy you can do without a PhD.

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    have faith Eri's suggestion - i'm slightly added on than her - i'm a tenured professor of astrophysics. The physics is extra important than the astro - yet once you will locate a college which has astronomy analyze you will tremendously much truly be waiting to do astro optionally available - that's variously stated as a minor, emphasis or tack in astronomy or combines the names to call it astrophysics (that's what my degree became - it is stated as astrophysics, even nonetheless it is physics with all astro electives). determine you're taking particularly some math and a few pc technological know-how. additionally - at the instant between the main serious issues you could desire to do to get right into a good grad college is to get analyze adventure as an undergrad. So verify and notice if the colleges you have an interest in can furnish this. I furnish analyze to undergrads (and in certainty I truly have a severe college scholar as a summer season intern! - see in the experience that your interior sight Uni can furnish that). There are opportunities to do summer season internships for analyze as an undergrad, yet those are particularly aggressive. be happy to touch me by way of my profile for suggestion...

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