For those of you who are Christian but don't actually believe that Noah arks happened.. read on please?

What makes you decide that that story didn’t actually happen, it just means something... like how can you decide what’s real and what’s not, when it doesn’t say the story is meant to be taking for your own interpretations?

If you can do that for some stories why can’t you do that for all the stories?

How do you know which ones you can do this for?

And if you do believe in Noahs Ark i dont want to hear from you ... This Question is not Aimed at you. Thanks :)


The Bible is Holy which means its Gods word, so everything is the Bible is Gods words so wouldn’t he have said its not real if its not real, and how can people decide what words of Gods are real and which are not. If God a bit more credit , do you think he would leave it up to us to pick to make so much confusion, he is not that stupid, is he?

Update 2:

Give God not if God *** sorry

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    The bible doesn't say it. But the song "last dance with mary jane" doesn't actually say that it's about pot either.

    It is in the way that it is written in which one can infer that it is non-literal. Writing style has a great impact on the meaning of the bible. I mean - when revelations says that the angels went to the "four corners" of the earth, do you take that literally and assume that earth is not only flat, but a quadrilateral? Of course not. The language usage makes it quite obvious that it was not literal. Likewise, the language usage in the flood and creation stories suggest that they are non-literal.

    I actually think that the ark was possibly real, but it would have only been flood over the known earth - an extremely small part of the entire planet. Likewise, it would have only involved animals from that area of the planet. But I don't know much about the geology of that area of land. It would certainly reveal if there was a flood or not.

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    Yes, Noah's Ark was real. Adam and Eve were real. They were created in a pristine state - there were no genetic defects. Incestuous relations can cause genetic defects because we all have on average about 400 deleterious genetic mutations, and, of course, close relatives share the same mutations, so their offspring are more likely to have those defects realized. But such was not the case with Adam and Eve - they were perfect. So the incest argument is invalid. Two of one particular species can create a stable and healthy population. This has been observed with two sheep who started populating an island in the 50's. They produced greater genetic diversity than scientists expected. (See 'Unexpected heterozygosity in an island mouflon population founded by a single pair of individuals' from the Proceedings of the Royal Society of B journal.) So, I'm sorry, but it's not 'fake' nor 'clearly false.' You're making a lot of assertions. [edit] Take a science class? I'm the one producing peer reviewed scientific journals to back up my claim. You're just producing assertions. If you're going to criticize a biblical account, you must take into consideration everything the Bible says on the matter. The Bible shows that Adam and Eve were created perfect - they wouldn't have had deleterious mutations like we all do today. Hence, their reproducing children wouldn't have had ill effects. Hence, the incest argument is invalid.

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    Scripture scholars who have studied the Old and New Testaments tell us that the Bible is made up of different types of literature, just as a library has different types of literature in it. We do not believe everything in a library because it happens to be in a library. There is a type of literature called "Myth" that exists in the Bible. Noah is an example of this type of literature. It is a story that uses myth too to give a religious teaching..

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    I can do it for the story about God stopping the sun.

    Also about the time Moses' rod turned into a snake.

    Not to mention the story when dead people climbed out of their graves and walked into Jerusalem, and were going up to people on the street and saying "Hey look it's me!"


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    They believe in them until science disproves them

    There was no global flood, there is no way every species was collected on an ark

    If we didnt know about evolution, a lot of them probably would still take Noah's ark literally

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    Where in the bible does it say that parables aren't meant to be open to my interpreation?

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    i am an atheist and i don't believe in noah's ark. why do you believe so firmly in a jewish folktale? it isn't up to you to decide if it did happen.

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    Yeah, how dare anyone think about anything! Who do they think they are, sentient beings?

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