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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingNewborn & Baby · 1 decade ago

What types of illnesses did your baby have from 2 months to 12 months old?

Was your baby ever sick under the age of 1? If so, what from? and how did he/she get sick?

What types of things do you do to prevent your baby from getting sick?

What did you start doing that you didn't do before to prevent that particular illness?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    My first 2 had lots of ear infections. They both got tubes. Other than that, just normal colds. The fourth one has had way less colds(she's 1) than the other ones. When my 1st 2 were small, I used to babysit in my home. I still let kids with colds come over to help with their immunities. As long as it wasn't anything serious.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A cold or two are the biggest problems I ran into with both my little kids. The worst was an ear infection in my son at 8 months that wouldn't clear up all the way until after he'd been on antibiotics for over a month. Realisticly you can't avoid all the germs out there. Enforcing hand washing before handling a young (under 5 months) infant or using hand sanitizer and making sure your family respect you well enough to not visit if they're ill or feel they may have a cold coming on. The hardest part is when they start teething and have outgrown their infant carrier since if you aren't vigilant they will try to chew on cart straps or the cart handle. GROSS!! Best thing at that point is either to wear baby or invest in one of those cart covers so you know baby isn't touching something that hasn't been washed in forever!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My baby is now 15 months old and she only had three illnesses before 12 months. Her first "cold" came around 7 months old and consist only of a runny nose and more sleep. Then her next illness was like a stomach flu. She vomited all day, was sleepy, and very uncomfortable. This only last 2 days, then she was still kinda sleepy for the next 3 days after. I gave her plenty of fluids and breastmilk. The last illness was a virus in which she had a fever of 101 but that broke by day 2, and she was just a little clamy and sleepy. This only lasted 3 days. Thankfully my baby has not had any sever illnesses which I can only account to several factors.

    She does not socialize with other children, and if it is it is only in the coffee shop. She does not go to daycare, my husband takes care of her. She is breastfed still, loves to eat her Nordic Natural's Fish Oil capsules, and eats good food. She even sips from my kombucha drink.

    You may think she is not exposed much, but in fact I work in a pharmacy in which I am around many sick people, and she daily visits grandma in the intensive ward. So I guess she has a good immune system and is building up slowly.

    Good products that I also used when she was sick is Wishgarden's Cold Symtoms for kids tincture. Hope this helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Between 2-12 months his only real illness was a stomach bug that he caught from the family that was living with us. He was 6-7 months old (somewhere in there) and had a couple of days where he threw up a lot. He struggled with keeping his liquids down, threw up all over his bed, then all down the back of my shoulder as I was holding him. After we bought a house we had some friends live with us for a month while they finished buying their house. Their 3 year old spent a lot of time with her cousins and at daycare with her 1 year old brother, plus both their mom and dad spent a lot of time with other people. We think that their dad caught the bug from someone that he worked with, but everyone (including us) got sick about the same time, so we don't really know. What have I done to prevent this from happening again? Aside from making sure that he eats well and that all of us wash our hands and common surfaces regularly, there really isn't much that we can do. He got sick because there were seven of us living in one house, all of whom brought back everything that they had been exposed to during the day. You know how that goes, though, when one family member gets sick and the rest all follow. No matter how clean and sanitary you try to be, it just happens.

    Besides that he did have one or two colds and the normal discomfort from vaccinations and teething, but no ear infections or constipation.

    The biggest things that we do to make sure that he doesn't get sick is to make sure our home is clean, that we all keep our hands clean, and that he eats a strong, healthy diet. The stronger his immune system is the easier it will be for him to fight anything off or prevent getting sick period. I'm not a real germ a phob, I never clean shopping cart handles or anything like that, and I let him share food with us and his friends (as long as their parents don't mind). If I can let him be exposed to germs in a safe way I know his immune system will build and be able to fight those things that aren't so safe.

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  • 1 decade ago

    he got COLDS when he was about a month and it was really awful so we try to keep stuff clean, always using alcohol and hand sanitizers when handling him or his things. now, when anyone in the house has a colds, i have them wear cloth face masks and they are off-limits to the baby until they are really well.

    he also had URINE INFECTION at 5 months. they say it's common for babies who use disposable diapers. i change him more often now, like after 1 or 2 wettings. kinda more expensive but we dont want to risk bacteria breeding again in is diapers. we're also considering using cloth ones during the day.

    there were also time when he had RASHES on his butt, cheeks, neck, behind the ears (different body parts on different occasions ok) which was managed by applying some sort of ointment/ cream (forgot the name) or just airdying and a little powder.

    and of course the occasional FEVER which we manage with paracetamol.

    he's 6 months now. hope we doesnt get sick anymore at least until he turns a year old. it's so hard to care for sick babies since they cant tell exactly what they feel and it breaks the parent's hearts to see those lil ones in discomfort.

    take care!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My twins only had minor colds. They're 13 months old now and have only had a cold a couple of times.

    One thing I did to prevent them from getting sick was to feed them all the colostrum from my breasts that I could. They wouldn't nurse, so I pumped it out with a hand pump, I was lucky that worked, and we fed it to them off our fingers and from a soft cup that was provided in the hospital.

    Another thing I did, since they were full-term, was to start taking them out when they were just 5 days old and get them exposed to minor amounts of virus and bacteria. It's not like I let strangers touch them or make their bottles with toilet water (lol) but I exposed them to small amounts of normal everyday germs to help them build a natural immunity.

    I did keep them inside and away from people moreso durring the peak of cold and flu season.

    As for what I started that I didn't do before... I never really changed my ways except to follow what I thought was basic common sense.

    EDIT: They did get diaper rashes and thrush, but I cured those easily with gentian violet and/or bag balm.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She got a cold when she was two months (i believe it was from her cousin) followed by an ear infection. Other than that she hasn't really been sick-she's 9 months now. She has bad hayfever type allergies, but that's about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    mine is now 14 months

    we had colic. which is normal and there isn't much you can do.

    we had thrush, there is purple stuff at walgreens clears it up. no idea how he got it, but all better now.

    we had diaper rash. but since we stopped day care, it has been fine. clean and dry is the answer

    we had the squirts. which by far was the worse. lots of fluids and love. and one really rude nurse who told me to get over it, that is what babies do.

    every baby is different. clean dry and fed any you can't go wrong

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  • 1 decade ago

    one minor cold when she was 3 months. hasn't been sick since. She goes to a clean daycare and we make sure to wash her hands and our hands.

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  • 1 decade ago

    when my ex had her on his day she would come back with diaper rash. none of the diapers i sent were used. other than that i think she had a cold once.

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