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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Would you have euthanized your dog if you were in this woman’s position???

Or was this a very “stupid” reason for euthanizing her dog???

“Miniature dachshund gnaws off diabetic owner's toe

The Associated Press

ALTON, Ill. (AP) — An Illinois woman says her beloved miniature dachshund gnawed off her right big toe while she was asleep. Linda Floyd told the Alton Telegraph for a story Wednesday that her beloved Roscoe was euthanized because of safety concerns.

The 56-year-old says she has no feeling in her toes because of nerve damage from diabetes. She discovered the toe missing after waking from a nap Monday. She called her daughter, who phoned 911.

A veterinarian says the toe had been bandaged because of a healing hangnail. That might have somehow attracted the dog.”

If this dog was really her “beloved” pet, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to re-home him instead? (Or do you believe that he might have gnawed off his new owner’s toes if he did get re-homed?)

BTW: I don’t think that this is a case of a “vicious dog”, my late great-grandma also had diabetes, and she had to have her leg amputated.

Before she had her leg removed, my mom’s friendly tempered (still is) German Shepherd showed a high interest in my great-grandma’s leg as if she was hiding a big raw hide under a cloth. My older sister whos a nurse said that he probably smelt that her leg was “rotting” (thus why it had to be removed)


Amaterasu: Shelters are not the only option when it comes to re-homing. Other times dogs are given to friends/family, or are posted for "adoption" on sites like craig's list for a small "re-homing fee"

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree with the rotting statement. I also agree that it was ridiculous to have the dog euthanized.

    Any other person, if the dog had gnawed on their toe in the middle of the night, they would have woken up and stopped it. The dog wasnt dangerous, not to anything but her toes.

    It's sad she did that.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think a shelter would have placed that dog. Dog's have to pass a personality test (so to speak) and those that show aggression or have a violent history are put down as they are considered a danger to the new owner and society in general. I've never agreed with that because I would be willing to take a dog that had some personality issues due to abuse, and have a lot of experience with "bully breeds," but that's the way it is. So I've been told they are not just "protecting" me but society as a whole (e.g. if someone let the dog out and it attacked the neighbor's toddler). Most people don't keep a dog that attacked them, which is understandable because a dog that shows violent tendencies could lash out at any time. Especially with all the lawsuits these days, what shelter would give someone a dog that might eat their baby's hand it it smelled something it didn't like, especially since the dog has a violent history? If it had been anyone other than the owner, the dog would have been ordered to be put down by the court system. I understand why you feel sorry for it, but I don't see where there were any other options.

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't imagine living with an animal that ate a part of my body. I would have given it away.

    It doesn't say why the dog was euthanized beyond 'safety concerns.'

    The animal may have become very sick from eating the toe (rotting flesh, the big toe nail) and was put down because it's insides were being cut open by a hangnail.

    This owner might have tried to save her animal and there was no saving it. It never says the owner chose to put her dog down, it says her dog was put down. We don't know the full details.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it was a stupid reason. The dog was not being aggressive, he most likely sensed/smelled there was somehting wrong. That does not make him aggressive he would have been safe and happy in another home.. I hate stories like that. Where I live there has been a weird ( very sick ) situation and the owners want the dog (who is innocent destroyed) Currently he is at a shelter because he is considered evidence. But it is human error not a vicious dog.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Who would adopt a dog that chewed off someones toe?

  • 1 decade ago

    This reminds me of the woman in France who had her dog put down because it "ate" her face . There is a whole lot more to the story.

    No it was not a reason to do it . The thing was probably rotting and was most likely was of no use since the nerves were already dead

  • 1 decade ago

    I think, since there is no feeling anyway, and so it wouldn't be annoying, I probably would have put a slipper or something on my foot to sleep. I'm sure it needs air most if the time, but an hour doesn't seem like too long to put a slipper on...

    Very, very odd....

  • 1 decade ago

    Euthanasia was the correct choice. Dogs who eat humans are not good candidates for rehoming. That would seem like elementary logic to me.

  • 1 decade ago

    no i think it was a pretty selfish thing to do. i dont think the dog did this out of mentioned it was probably the rotting flesh. i work in the OR and have seen amputations and certain ones that are very necrotic or festering do have a certain smell that a dog might go after just out of animal nature. i think rehoming would have been the best option. i think it's a shame this dog lost his little life because of this. God Rest its little soul : (

  • 1 decade ago

    That IMO is not a real reason to kill a dog.

    Even if my pet had eaten off my whole arm ( not viciously but just like the doxie did ) I wouldn't put him to sleep.

    I would do some serious training and maybe give him a better home just because it would be best for him and me.

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