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Were yOu ever molested or abused by a family member?

If so how did it make you feel how did you deal with it and what were your other family member's reactions when they found out?

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    Like another poster posted it made me feel dirty and unloved and like no one cared.I tried dealing with it by just forgetting about it but I lost my marriage because of it and to this day sex is not a top priority in my life.

    As for their reactions they don't remember either supposedly it was just something I dreamt up.I didn't talk to anyone in my family for over 2 yrs because of this.

    It's not easy and I don't think it is something I will ever get over.I do go to therapy for this.

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    My sister was molested by my uncle when we were little, and I was made to watch on several occasions. And then we had to live with that uncle for the next five years or more. Although it was not me personally being touched, it has affected me greatly and very negatively--I have difficulty letting others touch me, or even bring myself to give others hugs. It makes me feel bad inside when I think about it, but I've been trying to overcome things and be normal.

    My family didn't believe my sister or I at first... but then my uncle admitted it.

  • hartt
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    4 years ago

    Sweetie...i understand what you're going thro'. i grow to be sexually abused via a tenant and as a result i developed medical melancholy and an inferiority complicated. Its difficult i understand and forgiveness is the 1st step to shifting on. You dont would desire to be in contact with him.....only tell urself that uve forgiven him and this could make a extensive distinction in ur existence. God bless u.

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    Mentally, physically, and verbally abused.

    Every single day for the past five years.

    Hopeless, no where run, hurt, angry, scared, sick of it all, depressed, and all of those other lovely adjectives.

    Everyone in my family knows about it and goes through it. Sometimes my dad will go off on my mom, my sister, my brother or me, or it will be my sister abusing everyone else.

    My mom says she doesn't know how to handle it, my dad will always say to stop lecturing him, my sister will tell me to shut up, and my little brother will tell me to leave him alone.

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    yes i was molestated by my brother

    i dont have father..expired when my mom and other brothers found out they told me to shh it it was back when i was 13 now i am 20

    i still cant get it out of my mind i still live with him but i havent spoken to him since 7 years

    if you ask why i live with that bastard cuz i come from a muslim family where everything is shhh and if i say anything they will bury me alive

    well i cannot forget it in my life and am struggling through it

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    Molested yes. Almost up to the point of rape.

    I've never told anyone My mom found at somehow and she screwed at him. For everything else that he's done, that is the only thing she can never forgive him for.

    He's dead now, thank god.

    But I wish so many times I'd reported his *** and had him locked up. The bastard deserved to die the way he did.

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    yes i was molested it made me feel guilty and always dirty i told them and it was off my mind since [they forgot i guess] But i feel relived and happy their reaction: was nothing i think they did'nt even care but i could care less at least someone besides me knows :]

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    No-why ya askin???

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