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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

ok, and good exercises, i really wanna get toned?

I wanna tone my stomach and my arms got and good exercises that have worked for you

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    1 decade ago
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    Well for at home fitness I think Never Gymless does the best job possible. You cna find this $30 manual at here is a complete list of exercises found in the manual and keep in mind that even though there are a lot of exercises it is how Ross shows you how to put it all together that wil make a big differance in your fitness. Good luck.

    Pulling exercises

    chin up


    band assisted pull-up

    close grip pull-up

    wide grip pull-up

    towel pull-ups

    fat bar pull-ups

    rope pull-ups

    weigthed pull-ups

    clap pull-ups

    alternating grip pull-ups

    pull-up bar muscle ups

    ring muscle ups

    rope climbing

    jump,catch and pull

    side to side pull-up

    one arm emphasis chin-up

    one arm chin-up progressions

    one arm chin-up

    band high pull

    one arm band pull

    body row

    Pushing exercises


    diamond pushup

    ball pushup

    pushup between 3 blocks

    band pushup

    arms extended pushup

    fingrtip pushups

    knucke puahups

    divebomber pushup

    close grip divebomber

    ball divebomber

    divebomber from blocks

    one amr pushup

    assisted one amr pushup

    elevated feet one amr pushup

    one-arm pushup from ball

    one amr pushup from one foot

    extedned one amr pushup

    fingertip one arm pushup

    knuckle one arm pushup

    ring pushups

    one arm ring pushups

    one amr divebomber

    bodyweigth triceps extension


    bench dip

    band triceps extension

    handstand pushups

    pike press

    overhead band press

    plyometric pushups

    power overs

    depth plyometric pushups

    front to back hand clap pushups

    triple hand clap pushups

    one arm plyometric pushup

    full body plyometric pushup

    band chest press

    Lower body exercises

    bodyweigth squats

    medicine ball squat

    wall squat

    resistance band squat

    one legged squat


    car pushing


    hamstring curl(band)

    band good morning

    hamstring curl(bodyweigth)

    calf raises

    laterl jumps

    explosive step ups

    knee tucks

    squat jumps

    ankle hop

    long jump

    lunge jump

    Isometric exercises

    wall press

    overhead press

    leg press

    leg curl

    hamstring curl

    isometric punches

    neck exercises

    bent over row

    towle pull

    band over load press

    chest press

    triceps extension



    over head press


    Core exercises



    lying hip swing




    russian tiwst

    side crucnh

    side bend

    band twist

    rotational chop

    band slam

    band pull through

    band punches

    kneeling wheel rollout

    standing wheel rollout

    one amr wheel progressions



    walll assited one arm rollout

    one amr rollout



    wall wlaking

    bridge (from hands)

    back bend

    bridge to stand

    neck bridge

    Conditioning exercises (fat loss)


    band sprints

    bear crawl

    crab walk

    medicine ball slam

    medicine ball wood chopper


    squat thrust

    maountain climber



    jumping jack

    split jumps

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