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flower stem in my fishbowl?

i wanted to put a flower stem in my fishbowl for decoration, will this kill the fish? my fish eat anything, so will they eat the stem??? and get sick, if they eat 2 much, because they dont have a system that tells them that they are full, they just keep eating

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    The flower won't kill the fish, but that fact that it's in a fish bowl might... There is nowhere for the ammonia from fish waste to go, so the fish essentially sits in its own poop, which is quite toxic, and can do severe damage to the gills, skin, eyes, and fins, not to mention internal organs as the ammonia level in the blood rises (hyperammonemia). Get your fish into a real tank with a heater (unless they're Goldfish) and filter, and you can put as many flowers as you want into the bowl.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fish don't belong in bowls. Get a real tank for the fish and then put the flowers in the bowl.


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  • hmmm.
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    it shouldnt hurt the fish unless its some kind of toxic plant or something.

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