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leukemia ??

is leukemia linked with smoking?

my dad died of cancer 11 yrs ago when i just under 1

he was a heavy smoking

is it linked?

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    Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. There are several different kinds of leukemia. Not all types of Leukemia are directly linked to smoking, but a few types are, especially AML.

    For example of a few articles linking leukemia with smoking see:

    I'm sorry for the loss of your dad.

    Source(s): Hodgkin's Disease survivor
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    Hi Baby G. I have leukemia. They say it is from a collection of environmental effects. My father smoked a pipe, and I grew up with the second hand smoke. But there were so many other things that also could have contributed to it. It is not a common cancer, although Hollywood is making into some big deal right now. Just take good care. If you have any reason other than that to feel you may actually have it, go to a doctor and get a blood test called a CBC. You are 12 years old, be happy and healthy - I am sorry for the loss of your dad.

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    Benzene is a primary link to some types of leukemia and commercial cigs contain benzene added for taste.

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    Cancer is a dying of the immune system... thats what we think.... so i don't know. Im sorry that your dad died. My best friends father was a smoker too and he died last year.

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