What are you doing to prevent global warming?

For example recycling, buying a hybrid car, planting trees, or changing out lightbulbs for more efficient ones?

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    Let me start off by saying we (my family and I) live completely, 100% “off of the grid and are completely self sufficient”

    The house is built utilizing natures natural elements, in the shape of an octagon with 8ft wide arch doors on every wall to catch every angle of wind (typical 4 sided homes have half the chance as one with 8 sides. A circle being the most efficient design). Woodburning stoves, solar chimney, solar AC, solar heating, solar water heating (pool and home), solar stove, solar power, wind power, hydrogen powered back up generator, hydrogen back up water heater, hydrogen stove, 2 hydrogen powered trucks, 1 EV (electric vehicle) and satellite internet.

    We also built many green small cabins on the ranch that we offer to family, friends and our on-site off-grid workshop guests, including one straw bale, one papercrete, earth bag and adobe, one cob and cordwood, one underground and rammed earth, one log and post and beam and one rock. Each one actually started as a test for what the main house would be and were later finished and turned into guest cabins. I later wrote a guide on how to build with alternative materials using alternative methods for next to nothing.

    We raise meat and milk goats, chickens for meat and eggs, ducks for meat and eggs, trap havilina (wild boar pig), rabbit, quail. brew our own beer from home grown products, preserve our fruits, vegetables, etc. smoke and jerky the meat, make our own soap, cheese.

    There are no utility lines, no water lines, no roads, tv, cell service, etc. on our ranch. EVERYTHING needed is produced here. All electricity comes from 27 solar panels, 2 main wind gens and a back hydrogen generator if needed (typically we can last 9 days with all luxuries of sunless windless weather, hasn't happened yet). Water is caught and storaged from the rain. Hot water is made with solar batch water heaters with an on-demand hydrogen hot water heater as backup. solar chimney, solar AC, solar heating, solar water heating (pool and home), solar stove, solar power, wind power, hydrogen powered back up generator, hydrogen back up water heater, hydrogen stove, 2 hydrogen powered trucks, 1 EV (electric vehicle) and satellite internet. Even our vehicles use alternative energy (2 hydrogen trucks, 1 EV electric vehicle converted). Because of this we have no bills, no debt and no mortgage.

    Anyone interested can check it out at..

    www agua-luna com

    I believe this is the first step anyone can make “help the environment”. Once you convert your own life style to a greener more eco friendly route, you can start helping others.

    my home has all the comforts listed above plus some. we live very comfortable without effecting the environment. just saying that tol et you know it's possible. you may not want to go as extreme as me and my family but anywhere in between is something.

    Without getting to in depth here, Using alternative fuels in your vehicles and harnessing your own electricity from the sun, water, earth and wind are the 2 are key elements in making a green transition and erasing your carbon footprint.

    here's a calculator to find out how much of a green impact your making (carbon footprint)


    if you'd like to make your next step feel free to contact me personally at www agua-luna com

    I've been installing home made Solar panels. Solar stoves, Solar batch and inline hot water heaters. Solar radiant heating. Solar home heating and AC, along with home made wind gens and other alternative energy items for the last 3 years.

    You can even make the above projects on site with simple parts from the local hardware stores or auto stores or junk yards. For more info check out some guides I wrote / compiled on how to DIY www agua-luna com

    Again these projects can be accomplished anywhere by anyone.

    if you absolutely can't do anything in your home at least you can put alternative fuels in your car. most major automotive manufacturers (Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, etc) recommend the use of bio fuels, and nearly every car manufacturer in the world approves ethanol blends in their warranty coverage.

    In fact your probably even driving an ethanol car and didn't even know it.

    The trick is finding fuel.

    I've been producing biofuel for about 3 years now, it's not extremely difficult. Basically you need general household ingredients, a processor (or still for ethanol) and some used oil. Blend it, let separate, screen and use. I complied a guide a while back to help walk you threw the process step by step, just email me or check out..

    www agua-luna com

    as for recyling the best way i've found without taking money from your won pocket is to join a free freecycle group in your area or visit the habitat for humanity.

    If you’d like help in making your self sufficient steps, feel free to contact me directly. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com

    on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others “help the environment”.

    Hope this helped, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions if you’d like assistance in making your first self sufficient steps, I’m willing to walk you step by step threw the process. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others help the environment.

    Dan Martin

    Alterative Energy / Sustainable Consultant, Living 100% on Alternative & Author of How One Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Resource Is Transforming The Lives of Regular People From All Over The World... Instantly Elevating Their Income & Lowering Their Debt, While Saving The Environment by Using FREE ENERGY... All With Just One Click of A Mouse...For more info Visit:

    www AGUA-LUNA com

    Stop Global Warming,

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    1 decade ago

    Hybrid cars simply bring the MPG back to 1980s levels. What a scam. We could have cars that have even better gas mileage (or use no gas at all) these days, yet now if we want better fuel efficiency than now, we have to pay more for hybrids that have a lot of the same parts in a regular part that break now and need replacing. We had the EV1 which didn't have all those parts that needed replacing and they were a lot faster than regular cars. And they were demolished without explanation. When progress is stopped like that, I think it's pretty sad for people who actually believe that we're ever going to really work towards using less oil and polluting less.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Global warming is one-half of the climatic cycle of warming and cooling. The earth's mean temperature cycles around the freezing point of water. This is a completely natural phenomenon which has been going on since there has been water on this planet. It is driven by the sun. Our planet is currently emerging from a 'mini ice age', so is becoming warmer and may return to the point at which Greenland is again usable as farmland (as it has been in recorded history). As the polar ice caps decrease, the amount of fresh water mixing with oceanic water will slow and perhaps stop the thermohaline cycle (the oceanic heat 'conveyor' which, among other things, keeps the U.S. east coast warm). When this cycle slows/stops, the planet will cool again and begin to enter another ice age. It's been happening for millions of years. The worrisome and brutal predictions of drastic climate effects are based on computer models, NOT CLIMATE HISTORY. As you probably know, computer models are not the most reliable of sources, especially when used to 'predict' chaotic systems such as weather. Global warming/cooling, AKA 'climate change': Humans did not cause it. Humans cannot stop it.

  • NoFlox
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    1 decade ago

    I do all that (I have a hybrid car, I recycle and I consume less, though I'm not currently planting trees cuz I live in an apartment building).

    Will I save money? I hope so ...

    -Am I reducing CO2 emissions? Probably.

    -Do I wish THAT would reduce or stop Climate Changes or prevent catastrophes from happening?

    SURE! Who wouldn't wish that?

    -Will reducing human CO2 emissions truly improve or stop Climate Changes and/or prevent catastrophes?

    YEAH RIGHT! Stop feeding my EGO; I am not THAT powerful after all!

    This is actually part of my yahoo profile.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Can't afford to by a new car of anykind. I don't plant trees, I changed out perfectly good incandescent lights for mercury-filled more poisonous ones because they're "better" for the environment.

    In the future I will drive one of these:


    Have like, 12 kids. Run the A/C so I can be comfortable, run the heat so (gasp!) I don't freeze out of my own home. I might even turn those cfl lights on just for kicks and so I can read. Maybe even heat up a meal or two.

  • 1 decade ago

    None of those things will stop global warming, and since we've been in a cooling period for the last 10 years, it won't warm up the planet either.

    You've been brainwashed into thinking your actions really affect the climate of this planet. I know you want to matter and feel important, but try doing things to benefit your community instead of buying into scams and hoaxes.

    You'll be a lot happier and a lot less annoying.

  • 1 decade ago

    I use shower-heads that don't use up as much water. We have energy-efficient lightbulbs all around the house. We take the bike more often than the car. We have energy-saving washers/dryers. We recycle everything we can. I started a recycling group in my school and now it's president(230 members). i'm a vegetarian. i have organic clothes and eat organic food. i use office max's new line of eco-friendly school products.

  • 1 decade ago

    Trying to remind everyone how depleted uranium and cluster bombs cause global warming, and therefore, what a hypocrisy it was to give the Nobel Prize for Peace to Ali Gore.

  • 1 decade ago

    Since global warming is a fraud made up by people who hate America I'm going outside to start a fire hoping to cause more warming. I use compact fluorescent bulbs to save on my electric bill. I wish I could save electricity and cause global warming at the same time just to make AlGore scream. Did you know AlGore's house now uses 10% more electricity than it did before he installed "green" lighting and heaters?

  • 1 decade ago

    whether global warming is real or not it is common sense to save natural resources, so instead of using my clothes dryer on days when it is nice outside I using global warming to my advantage and hang clothes on a clothes line to dry. I toss them in the dryer for a quick fluff and either way I save hundreds on my electric bill every year. We also changed out our light bulbs for the more efficient ones. It saves us money big time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I cannot prevent global warming, however we as a family live very efficiently and utilize our resources wisely.

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