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How do you know what yesterday's pick 3 illinois lottery winning numbers were?

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    One important thing to learn is the wheeling system. Wheeling System is a way of organizing your lotto-type game play to improve your chances of winning multiple-tier prizes. Wheeling Systems helps to put the power of mathematics on your side. It is a way of arranging a group of number

    selections into multiple combinations that give either full or partial coverage of all possible combinations of those particular selections.

    This, of course, increases the odds and possibilities as if some or all of the winning numbers are present in your group of number selections, you are sure to have one or more winning tickets.

    There are a lot of plus points of using the wheeling system. They are very easy to use. With the help of wheeling systems you get the maximum coverage of the numbers that you are willing to play. The system most certainly increases your chances to win at the pick 4. The system guarantees you that you will win a prize or prizes if you select the correct group of numbers for your wheel.

    The system wheels six numbers and arranges them into mathematical combinations, each consisting of four numbers. Then you get a few numbers of total combinations in the wheel, which exhausts every possible permutation of the six selected numbers.

    There are three main types of wheeling systems. You need to choose between the full wheel, abbreviated wheel and the key number wheel.

    A full wheel always contains all the possible combinations that can be made with the group of numbers you select. Playing a full wheel gives you the maximum coverage of the prizes if some or all of the winning numbers are in the numbers that you wheeled. You are guaranteed to win the jackpot and multiple second and third prizes if all of the winning numbers are in the group you wheeled. You are sure to have multiple winning tickets even if you have only some of the winning numbers in your wheel. But then again it is not that cheap if you want to wheel large amount of numbers for pick 4.

    An Abbreviated Wheel is a set of minimum combination that makes sure you win whenever you match a specified amount of the winning numbers. You should remember that you can always win more prizes than the number that is guaranteed to you. It is an economical way to increase the odds at winning. You can wheel a large amount of numbers at an affordable price and still have a win guaranteed as you will have fewer combinations to play with. You greatly increase your chances of having more winning numbers fall into your wheel and cashing in winning tickets as you will be able to play more numbers than you can with a full wheel. But then there are a few drawbacks of the abbreviated wheel as well. You are never guaranteed to win a jackpot in this wheel even if all the winning numbers might fall into your wheel. You can still always win multiple prizes, even the jackpot – there is just no surety.

    In a Key Number Wheel, one ‘key’ number appears in every combination of the wheel. There are Key Number Wheels which have the same win guarantees as Abbreviated Wheels, but these wheels contain fewer combinations. Two important conditions are to be met for a Key Number Wheel to be a guaranteed winner that is all of the winning numbers must be somewhere in the wheeled numbers, just like in regular wheels and the key number which appears in every combination must be one of the winning numbers that is drawn.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Honestly man, all joking aside. The lottery is completely random and does not in any way depend on past drawings. (randomness is independent of past events, if you flipped a coin 10 times and it happened to land on heads every time, the next toss you'd still have a 50/50 chance it would hit heads). Any books claiming to know some hidden secret, formula or system are completely bogus and are only out there because people don't know any better. You have just as much luck winning by picking 1 2 3 4 5 6 than anything else (as was already mentioned). Trust me, Ive written computer programs which prove this (I could send you one if you like). It really does not matter. Just pick 6 numbers and have fun.

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