Important french words to know when housing an exchange student?

We will be housing two 17 year old French twins this for 3 weeks who speak very little english can anyone tell me some common words and phrases theat we will use often and their pronunciation, and english translation


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    1 decade ago
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    As a former exchange student, I think it'd be better if, when they didn't understand, you mimed what the words meant instead of translating them into french for them. If they know the basics of English, they'll already know any words that will be put as your answer.... it's the more complicated things they won't know. Speak slowly to them and make sure they understand. If they don't, mime or find another way to explain the words your saying that they don't get. They will probably have a dictionary on them, so if worse comes to worse, you can look in their dictionary.

    Source(s): Exchange student to Germany and Poland.
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    I had a French alternate scholar stick with me. It was once was once honestly particularly a laugh. She grew to become out to be fairly great and really eager to be taught English and meet all my peers. She was once very compliant too. She perceived to fairly revel in herself while she was once with us. I believe it is valued at it. They be taught English, you'll be able to be taught just a little French in the event you desire and also you would expand a friendship (which I did with mine). As a outcomes of our French scholar staying with us final summer time, I'm now going over to her this summer time. It must be pleasant a laugh. I believe you must do it. It probably just a little awkward in the beginning as you do not know the man or woman in any respect they usually talk one more language, however you must do your nice to lead them to consider as relaxed as feasible. They're on the whole very fearful and plenty of them are particularly younger so for a few it is their first time clear of residence with out father and mother. Things gets extra relaxed notion after a couple of days as you get to grasp each and every different. I believe it is good valued at it and also you receives a commission good for taking them too.

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    bonjour = hello

    comment ca va or comment vas-tu? = how are you (informal)

    comment allez-vous = how are you (formal)

    qu'est-ce que tu veux... = what do you want (informal)

    qu'est-ce que vous voulez.. = what do you want (formal)

    manger = to eat

    dormir = to sleep

    regarder la tele = to watch tv

    sortir = to go out

    here's a good website to look at

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