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What does La Quinta mean?

What does La Quinta mean? As in La Quinta Inn? My dad and I drove past one this morning and he said "I wonder what La Quinta means. Probably The Hotel or somthing. Or The Inn." So I thought I would ask on here to give him an answer.

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    La Quinta was a country estate owned by wealthy people. Quinta means one-fifth, and the estate's tenant farmers paid one-fifth of their harvest as rent on the land. As a name for a motel, it is a bit on the pretentious side.

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    What Does La Quinta Mean

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    Well, all the other answers are right. I just want to add one more meaning. In Peru, "una quinta" is far from being a villa or a wealthy residence. A quinta is usually an old multi-family complex of dwellings, situated in the oldest neighborhood of a town.

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    La Quinta is a country house, or a villa.

    In the River Plate a 'quinta' is an orchard.

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    La Quinta translates to "Next Door to Applebee's".

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    La Quinta is in spanish, when translated to english it is 'The Villa' - so it is a villa

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