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Motorcycle Chapters?

What are motorcycle "chapters"?

Are they different areas that make up the gang? Are they always on good terms with eachother?

Asking out of curiosity due to news media.

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    I assume you mean motorcycle "club". There is not one Motorcycle "gang" out there. Your following the media and Police brainwashing that is all over the web and TV all the time. All motorcycle clubs are just that, clubs. MC's have been around a long time. Chapters are each location of a given motorcycle club in a particular area. Some clubs are so large that in some cities there might be more then one chapter.

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    A chapter is a subsidiary of the overall club. Google "The Outlaws" motorcycle gang and you'll get a big surprise how large it really is and what they do. Also you'll find disclaimers by the gang of things they're accused of doing.

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    different cities and different states make up chapters

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