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what are the advantages of sex tourism?

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    Sex always sells, therefore the only advantage is, it will bring income both for the people involved and the country, may uplift the living condition but in the long run, there'll be a lot of more disadvantages and damages. Prostitution business, oftentimes is difficult to regulate/control, and when everything gets loose, the chances of STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) or HIV spreading, is not far behind. There's also social problems- unwed mothers, child prostitution; breakdown of family unit; moral decay and the treat of terrorism, violence, crime, etc..

    At the end, no one gets the full benefits of sex tourism, everyone would vanish from the face of the earth.

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    Benefits Of Sex Tourism

  • Johny
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    Your not being very specific but I guess for the sex tourist the advantages are, relatively cheap fun. For the girls, money!. As sad as it is sex tourism is alot bigger in the Philippines than most would imagine and it is also generating quiet alot of money. Most of it is going to the girls and the owners of such places but the rest is somewhat flowing into the economy. It might be small but the numbers are quiet high so either way dead simple sex tourism is bringing in money.

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    That is the big advantages for the Dirty Old Foreigner Man they travel to Philippines or any other Asian countries just to find sex with young girls because believe me or not in their own country nobody will even take a look even just for a second because in their own country they are ugly and old. So they travel in our country even how many miles just to upgrade their pride and ego!

    Advantage for them but not for us!

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    i assume i will answer this question hypothetically. hazards: improve of AIDS situations and different Sexually Transmitted Infections,promoting of Promiscuity, the feasible improve of baby intercourse Trafficking ie baby Abuse, Immorality subsequently the irony of being a Christian u . s . a . in Asia. income: the upward thrust of Tourism for this reason improve in u . s . a .'s financial progression

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    more health doctors get jobs for STI check-ups

    more police officers are needed to patrol their vicinity (more employment to the police force)

    more clubs or joints paying taxes for the local government unit

    more women get cash for their wimps.

    more motels are created for flings.

    more funerals and mental health care centers are established since many of this women or patronizers end up dying young, contracting incurable diseases thus need hospital care giving more employment for caregivers.

    more of the prostitutes immediate relatives would not work productively cuz the gurls, to lessen their guilts, would lavish them with luxuries.

    more prison or prison guards would be employed to maintain order in prison camps due to the increase of criminals related with the effects of sex tourism.

    more dress shops would cater to the needs of this sex workers and those who wish they look like whores to catch the attention of men.

    this makes the society think that only young and beautiful women are fitted to be pampered and sexually pleased.And when they are old and saggy, they are left to be neglected thus the attentions they are accustomed would force them to pay to young men for sex and "love" since their brains were deteriorated when they were young thus more work are established for mental health workers and institutions.And this young men with the extra money can fool or philander women around creating havoc making those with means buy weapons for protection or leveling the grudges thus more taxes are derived from the businesses and sales of guns, ammunitions, martial arts training schools, increase of enrollment in criminology school, increase in enlistment in the arm forces to curve or stop some society who have been "unjustly maltreated" by the government.

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    it the only opportunity for those tourist to get sex. no women in their own country would even talk to them, also a great way to end up in jail or dead from a STD.

    unfortunately it is about the only " employment" many females can get especially if they do not have a college degree.

    Source(s): seen the losers that rush to Angeles city and parts of Manila
  • Anonymous
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    One advantage is it's easier to draw in a lot of tourists with that.

  • 1 decade ago

    The rapid transmission of HIV and AIDS to the most number of individuals at the least possible time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are no advantages really

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