whenever I drink less water than my thirst, I suffer from extreme diarrhea and, therefore, further deydration?

For last 28or 30yrs, I hv to drnk at least 30 to 80 gls of water drng prd of 24 hrs, all dpnding on weather / climte , the rgn I m sttld, the amnt of walkng, etc. And the worst, I rarely hv a contns sleep for more than 1 hr or 2 because of extreme thrst & or urinate

Of crse, there hv bn a rare recurrnce of shrt / prds or so whn I exprnced a relief to lttle or mr extent

Eg In Sep 80, the prblm sdnly flared up to the worst extnt. But even drng ths worst prds, eg drng 1996 while I was trvling by bus, I mnged to avd using washrm fr contns 26 hrs or so. But when I was in home, the sm bad trnd restartd

One mr eg obsrd dring Fb'5 when I was very hapy & flng evrythng gong right but sddnly I sfrd a setbck reg mrg of my on choice & prblm flrd up agn.

Drng oct '06 dspt toomany stbcks one "best thng" exprncd fr a mnth or so i.e. lack of intkng of water & urnt which didn't last long

no rlf in wntr but with advnt of evry new smr prblm flares up to new extnt spcly since in Pakistan.

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    What I understood little from your english, you are having extreme polydipsia. You didn't mention whether you have polyuria or increased frequency of urination.

    You may be suffering from Diabetes Insipidus. It can be managed by medication, if you don't have Renal diabetes insipidus.

    Better you go to see a nephrologist or good medical specialist. You need to be investigated properly.

  • deuell
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    3 years ago

    For each and everything I drink I experience with a tumbler of water. 3 cups of coffee 3 waters ... except i'm eating alcohol then that's like 3 beers a million water. I could desire to drink extra water.

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