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有誰可幫我翻釋以下句子?'re not affiliated with me.

2.filed suit against ruined my death.

4.a momentous occasion

5.he's a disruptive influence.

6.sneaking out


8.out of town're moving up. look dashed. tore me apart.


13.luck favoured the prepared.

14.I'm such an idiot.

15.pull yourself together

16.what a trooper!

17.I'will crush her!'ve nothing to lose.

19.they won't exercise restraint.

20.stay hidden

21.doubt is a luxury we can't afford anymore.

22valuing life is not weakness. lousy,lying,unfaithful creep

24.when everyone's super,no one will be.

25.the greater good teach...a few manners

27.I'll watch silently from the sidelines.

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  • keith
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    Favorite Answer're not affiliated with me. - 你跟我沒有關連

    2.filed suit against - 向(某人)興訟(即係起訴/告人) ruined my death.- 你搞亂我的死亡了(意思不明,因為唔知背景;會唔會係故仔有人就死?定係隻鬼有不滿?)

    4.a momentous occasion- 一個重要的場合

    5.he's a disruptive influence.- 他帶來壞影響(意譯;比直譯「他是一個破壞性影響」易明)

    6.sneaking out- 偷偷離開

    7.frustrating- 令人沮喪的

    8.out of town- 離開了自己住的城市/市鎮(香港適用)'re moving up.- 〔如果唔係講搭電梯的話應該係解:〕你的地位/職位上向升(即係事業發展緊) look dashed.- 你看來很沮喪 tore me apart.- 它(某事)使我心碎

    12.withstand- 忍受

    13.luck favoured the prepared.- 幸運會臨在有準備的人身上(即係叫人要裝備自己,等待時機)

    14.I'm such an idiot.- 我沒有那麼笨

    15.pull yourself together- 提起精神吧

    16.what a trooper!- 這個警官(美國州警)真帥/酷〔之類〕

    17.I'will crush her!- 我會打倒她/擊敗她've nothing to lose.- 我們沒甚麼可以輸掉(即係可以無牽掛咁放手一博)

    19.they won't exercise restraint.- 他們不會有所顧忌/留手

    20.stay hidden- 繼續躲起來/不要露面

    21.doubt is a luxury we can't afford anymore.- 懷疑對我們已是太奢侈了(即係已經無時間/機會再懷疑,要作決定/有行動了)

    22valuing life is not weakness.- 珍惜生命並不是軟弱 lousy,lying,unfaithful creep- 你這討厭、滿口荒言、不忠的卑鄙小人

    24.when everyone's super,no one will be.- 如果每個人都超厲害,就再沒有人突出了

    25.the greater good- 宏觀/大眾的利益 teach...a few manners- 教一教(某人)一點禮儀〔似係恐嚇,隱晦地講要動手......〕

    27.I'll watch silently from the sidelines. - 我會從旁觀察/監視

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