The successful key is grasped

The successful key is grasped on your own hand甚麼意思
Update: ( )on the dragon boat festival, make egg 1.still change a lot
( )kids wear sachets to 2.may 5 of the lunar calendar
Update 2: ( )before the dragon boat festivel, the weather 3.lady snake
( )the dragon boat is on 4.stand at noon
Update 3: ( )the most famous story of the dragon boat festival is about 5.special wine
( )rice dumpling commemorate(紀念) 6.keep evil spirits away
Update 4: ( )adlts drink 7.Qu Yuan(屈原)
幫幫我 我看不懂
Update 5: 幫我把代號填入
Update 6: 謝謝喔你太強了
Update 7: yes!!我全對真的很謝謝你喔
Update 8: 超過6點的時候我就毀把你選成最價答案擯且黑黑黑用5顆小星星
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