Wanna dye hair...dont know what color. plzz help?

ok this is me http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=118kbbo&s=3 my hair is lighter now. im in the mood to dye my hair but not sure what color to dye it to. any help? pics would be nice[:



i kinda want to go lighter..but if the color is pretty cool then possibly darker.

maybe like two colors maybe three not just one boring color. :]

Update 2:

im a light skin tone....sorry about the flash. and my hair is dark brown in that picture...if i couldnt tell cuz it looked red when it was darker

Update 3:

my natural hair color is...almost blonde like a really light brown.

Update 4:

my natural hair color is...almost blonde like a really light brown.

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    Mouse brown.

    Go to -


    -to see a picture.

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    There is nothing wrong about wanting a different color but I would advise that if you don't like the dark brown that God bestowed upon you yet you don't like the lighter shade that you chose to try, I MAY have an idea for you-but first let me share something with you--My wife has medium brown hair, even though she was born a blonde. While we were dating I mentioned to her how I thought the "coal black" indian hair was lovely--guess what--she died hers "coal black"! Only one problem--it didn't match her skin tone! She "hid" until it grew out and then went back to medium brown. A few years ago I talked her into trying auburn. She didn't like the dark aubern nor the light --she went with medium auburn-- it's fantastic! --I tell you this to point out another important factor--whatever color you decide on PLEASE MAKE SURE IT MATCHES YOUR SKIN TONE! You will regret it otherwise!. To tell you true, the picture you showed would make ANY blonde or even most models blush with envy! I was not blessed with "good looks"--(even though ANY TRUE MAN will look at a girl for her BRAINS AND HER HEART! If they can't accept hat then they're not good enough for you! Good luck and God bless whichever choice you make.!

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    Whatever color you decide to do... remember color does not lift color so what ever color you r now, you can't go lighter with only applying color over it. Stay far far away from drugstore color that sais "ash" anywhere on the box. It is a green base. Never use Feria or nice and easy they are metallic dyes and will wreck your hair. And always keep in mind.. if you want to change the color and are a little unsure ,,,,go semi permanent so if you hate it,,, you don't have to wait for it to grow out.

    Source(s): Yeah, I teach hair
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    well it totally depends on ur style. i would say a very light blond like platinum (but some may disagree) and then put a couple golden blond high lights in it to make it look more real. but if you do that u have to have a more layered hair style or it doesnt look cool. but if u want to go dark a dark brown with copper high lights would be really pretty. and u wouldnt have to cut ur hair for that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ur a light skin tone. Since ur hair was almost blonde? I guess you should try and bleach ur hair and under color it black. Like a two tone. Trust me this girl gets lots of compliments. And if you dont like that try other colors. Like black and brown. Or black and blonde instead. Look up "Babyfayce Katie" on photobucket. Yahoo isnt letting me copy & paste links.

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    I couldnt really tell what your skin tone was, but u dont want to go too drastic at first. I always went with a nice rich auburn. And get the good stuff. the cheap stuff i was never happy with plus it really dried my hair out. I also used nice -n-easy. its mid priced. if your still undecided go to a beauty supply shop and look at samples, and hold them up to your skin(make sure ur hair is pulled back) or go to the person that does your hair. Have fun & good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Red - highlights

    or you could put an undercolour on ...

    urmm... you could do... a lighter brown with lilac highlights it worked well and looked really girly and cool on my hair before

    or you could get medium browns and dark blounde slices of colour in your hair

    or even just go to the salon and get a consultation..

    some places are free

    x hope i helped x

  • 1 decade ago

    I think the multi-tonal approach is the best. The color you have now is deffinitly too dark for you. Try going lighter with maybe a chestnut, honey, and caramel blend. Go get it done professionaly and don't try to do it yourself. You could end up with a real mess.

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe red-esh, a lighter brown, and ,maybe some darker pieces. I couldn't find any pictures of the exact thing that I meen but I hope you understand!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I cant see you Blonde. Either Medium Brown or dark Red

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