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Caught Woman Ogling?

my ample bosoms today. I mean staring and all and wouldn't stop.

I said with a smile to her: "yes, got the job done at Dr. Glassman's @ $6K each. Worth it? Wanna card?

Needless to say she was speechless and ashamed at her

rude staring behavior towards me.

Do you think I was off? Because she just stared without blinking....................



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    I probably would have done the same thing regardless of them being real or fake. People should just be polite and not stare. If she must stare at something, try your face. Whether it's a guy or girl staring at your boobs, neither is polite. We all know that if a guy did it everyone would think he was a pig, what's the difference if a woman did it? It should be the same.

  • Tidgie
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    1 decade ago

    What I'd like to know is why that type of response? You obviously got your boobs done for some small amount of attention. Women will claim it helps their self esteem but that's a line of crap. What helps your self esteem is when you're being noticed because no one really wants that extra weight or back problems! The fact that it was a woman and not a man is probably what bothered you, not the fact that they were being stared at. You should have been flattered you were being admired; after all, that's what you wanted when you got your "job" done.

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    No - excellent response! I like that you smiled :)

    I have a friend who tends to do that when women with erm, eye-catching chests walk by, and she's been told off a couple of times. Usually a 'what're you looking at' sort of thing, so I think you handled it very nicely. I'm quite sure she doesn't do it to be rude, but honestly, she doesn't seem to be able to help herself! It's more than a little embarrassing sometimes.

  • ?
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    Sick a lady at my job stares at my breasts when Im trying to train her. I feel weird and I have no work down and my boobs are decent in size. Im glad u said something, i wanted to do the same but couldnt lol.

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  • Anama
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    1 decade ago

    I think you handled it well. She was either interested or jealous, either way, evidence of a surgery done well.

    I had the same issue in the day, but I always said, "yes, they are real" lol! (which they are)(sorry TMI, not polite).

    p.s. any chance she has had a breast cancer/ possibly surgery and was thinking, "now THAT is what I want mine to look like when this is all over"? You just may have done her a favor. :) I know, it's a stretch. Just looking for that silver lining! lol!

  • Billy
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    1 decade ago

    The politest thing to do would have been to pretend not to notice and casually move away or turn your back so as to break the line of sight. That way you eliminate the unwanted attention, while also gracefully avoiding the need to embarrass her in public. Then when she moved on you could resume whatever you were doing. Everybody wins. . . which is the basic principle behind good manners, after all.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Perhaps in terms of etiquette your words were a bit harsh...but she had no right to be "ogling". She is a woman and if she had a question she should have been woman enough to just simply approach you and ask it. I know that I would have, that is the proper thing to do.

    In etiquette we must remember that one bad deed does not deserve another. Just because one person presents themselves with bad manners does NOT give us an excuse to do so. I can clearly understand your frustration. Good luck!!!

    Peace & Love :)

  • 1 decade ago

    You had this done for a reason. Of course she was rude. But would you have answered a male if he were OGLING? I doubt it very much.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, your funny. Maybe she was a lesbo.

    Sometimes I'm out and a woman has a revealing top on and it's distracting to me and I'm a hetero woman. I don't stare with my mouth open or anything though.

    Take it as a compliment.

  • 1 decade ago

    You were the rude one. She probably was doing it absent mindedly and did not realize you were noticing it. You yourself probably do stuff like this all the time without noticing too. Everyone does it at some point, whether they know it or not.

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