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How do you figure out the parental lock password on a computer?

I just bought this new computer and right away my parents put a parental lock on it. I'm getting ready to move out and I would like to download new programs and go on the internet without the parental lock getting in the way. I bought it online so I can't take it into a store.

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    to reset/create a password:

    go to safe mode by pressing f8 during reboot


    open the command prompt

    and type this:

    net user user *

    replace the second user with the account to change the pass on.

    and press enter

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    Just use a proxy when going online. Another great way to bypass parental controls is by using the Google translator. All you have to do is translate an entire web page from English to English. Then the parental controls shouldn't block the website.

    To get rid of the parental controls entirely, try restoring the computer to factory settings (this shouldn't be a big deal if it's a new computer).

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    Easiest way is to have your parents force them to tell you the password. Harder: Install and configure a keylogger and wait for the password. Hardest: Install OllyDbg, disassemble the process and look for a jmp, jne, jnz command and look for the password around there.

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    if its a password set in internet explorer then just download firefox to use as a browser its way way better!


    if its a program thats being used then open task manager and try to find the odd one out look for anything like net nanny or guardian or anything like that and end the process! or click start then run and type in msconfig and press enter click the startup tab and look through them none of them are necessary to have checked unless your using a wireless card and in which case it will most likely be aircfg.exe

    having all that done should fix your problems!

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    I am sorry but as a parent it is in our book of destruction not to disclose such valueble information. haha seriously since you are moving out,ask your parents. just because you bought it on line doesnt mean you cant take to a store ,we have bought all our computers on line and still take them back to the store as needed. It also depends on the password they put in,theyre ussually not that hard to get through. Call any computer store and they can help you with it.

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    Which are you talking about? A password that prevents you from booting it up or an Internet Password that blocks sites?

    If it is your computer, simply reload Windows, when it reformats the drive everything disappears and you start over fresh and clean.

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    You have to ask permission to your parents about that. They put some security to disable the installation of programs that might be harmful and not suitable to young ones.

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    Ask your parents. If it's an online thing then go to a proxy server. Like norulesatschool.com or fancysportscar.com there are tons of them.

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    Reboot in safe mode(F5 or F8 while start up), this will keep most programs from loading. uninstall the program. if that don't work email me and I will walk you through it...

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