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Good new songs?!?!?!?!?

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    Well it really depends o wat u like. here r a list of awesome new songs:

    All Around Me- Flyleaf

    Beat It- Fall Out Boy

    Beautiful Liar- Beyonce

    Bossy- Kelis

    Check Yes Juliet- We the Kings

    Chelsea- Stefy

    Crushcrushcrush- Paramore

    Electropop- Jupiter Rising

    Foundations- Kate Nash

    Gunpowder and Lead- Miranda Lambert

    Hook me Up- The Veronicas

    I Love U- Tila Tequila

    Independent- Webbie

    Let the Flames Begin- Paramore

    Love Me or Hate Me- Lady Sovereign

    No Air- Jordan Sparks

    Outta My Head- Ashlee Simpson

    Picture To Burn- Taylor Swift

    Piece of Me- Britney Spears

    Break The ice- Britney Spears

    Secret Valentine- We the KIngs

    Shut Up and Let Me Go- The ting tings

    Skyway avenue- We the Kings

    Yahhhh!!!- Soulja Boy

    4ever-The Veronicas

    Everything I'm not- The Veronicas

    Galang- M.I.A.

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    I'll just give you the list of a new CD I made,

    with all my favorite new songs...

    *Lolli Lolli (Pop that Body) <3 6 Mafia

    Lollipop <Lil Wayne

    Elevator <Flo Rida ft. T-Pain

    Sexy Can I <Ray J

    Forever <Chris Brown

    Love in this Club <Usher

    Killa <Cherish

    Damaged <Danity Kane

    4 Minutes <Justin Timberlake ft. Madonna

    Leavin <Jesse McCartney

    Summertime <New Kids on the Block

    I Kissed a Girl <Katy Perry

    All Around Me <Flyleaf

    hope these help! :)

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    1 decade ago

    Hmm my new addiction songs r

    From Gossip girl the best tv show ever- One week of danger by the virgins, shut up and let me go by the ting tings. Oh yea by moby, stripper by the soho dolls.

    Songs i heard while shopping- Stay beautiful by the last goodnight

    Songs from old guys/bfs-We intertwined by the hush sound, three wishes by the peirces

    Just new songs- Dangerous- kardinal official, all i see by kylie minogue, dear maria count me in by the all time low, with me by the sum 41

    i have no idea how recent these songs r although i am pretty sure they r recent hope i helped , these r sum of my fav songs

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    I kissed a girl Katy Perry

    No Air - Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown

    Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis

    Take a bow- Rhianna

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    1 decade ago

    Listen to Metro Station's songs. They rock! =]

  • A milli- Lil Wayne

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    Not sure if it's new but "in this life" Delta Goodrem. She's awesome! And of course...anything from Leona Lewis :)

  • Tihad
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    1 decade ago

    Big Timber - Himsa

  • 1 decade ago

    last name by carrie underwood

    gunpowder and lead by maranda lambert

    holler back by the lost trailers

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    1 decade ago

    kissed a girl-katy perry

    sexy can i-ray j

    lollipop-lil wayne

    realize-colbie calliat

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