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Jet Engines?

When a jets turbines start up at the terminal, do each engine go a one way or do they go opposite ways like one turning left and one turning right or do both engines turn say left?

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    Any jet engine in the world turns clockwise, as you are facing it.

    Engines are interchangeable in each aircraft. If an aircraft has 2 engines in front they are all identically built engines. Sometimes the tail engine is different.

    I know, I worked on them for 12 years, from running aircraft on a flight line, to engines on a test cell, and I've totally torn them down, built them up, repaired the inner workings and replaced components, and I've been an instructor in schools for doing this as well training many individuals on the job.

    Source(s): Jet Engine Tech and overall aircraft maintenance specialist. Ran a jet engine test cell facility, and a cargo and passenger aircraft flight line in the Air Force.
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    An electric jet engine that uses electricity to heat/expand air would require extremely high voltage (but not necessarily extremely high amperage). The higher the voltage the more efficient the engine. There may not be a need to compress intake air like a combustion based jet. Energy efficiency is picked up there. It's may be a matter of controlling lightening within a confined space. I just wonder if an electric jet engine would be loud, like thunder all the time? I wonder if it's possible to do with no moving parts?.....that would increase reliability as well.

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    Next time you are at the airport, take a close look at the blades on the engine. You will see how they are at an angle, sort of like a wind mill. They must turn in a direction that will "bite" the air. You will notice they are all angled in the same direction, thus they all rotate the same direction.

    On a jet engine (fan jet on most all airliners) it doesn't make any difference what direction the engine spins, thrust is directed directly out the back and there is very little rotational force.

    On a side note, while most engines rotate clockwise (from the perspective of someone inside the aircraft), French built piston engines rotate counter clockwise.

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    Both the jets turn the same way. some twin prop planes however have props that rotate in the opposite direction.

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    It would just be overly complicated and pointless to build engines spinning in opposite directions (spares parts would have to be made in two different shape each time). All engines of a given make/model spin in the same direction.

    Some Rolls Royce engines are claimed to spin opposite to what Pratt & Whitney and General Electric do, but any given aircraft is not allowed to have different makes of engines, even if those are close match in term of power and thrust.

    Source(s): Aerospace engineer
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    They all turn in a clockwise direction. Not for any particular reason other than industry standards. They could just as easily all turn counter-clockwise.

    The INDUSTRY STANDARD within the United States calls for clockwise rotation. I have no idea what the standard is in France or Russia.

    Source(s): M.S. mechanical engineer
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    All jet turbines are built to rotate clock wise looking from the front.

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    they turn the same

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    they both turn the same way, dude

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    turn the same just like props

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