Pennsylvania, Domestic Relations, bench warrant for no show?

I live in Cumberland County and my ex in Philadelphia. He had a hearing for past due support and was a no show. A bench warrant was issued. Will he receive notification that it was issued? WIll Philadelphia police look for him to arrest him or will they just wait till he is pulled over for a traffic violation? If he is arrested will he be brought to my county for a hearing or will it all be handled in Philly? At the hearing he skipped, he was also supposed to provide the judge with a checking account that they could remove money from monthly to ensure that I received support regularly. He owns his own business so they aren't able to garnish his wages. I am hoping that the stipulation with the checking account isn't overlooked if he is arrested and pays up past due amount.


I am respectful and you don't know me so don't judge me. He made this child too and needs to help provide financially to raise him. We have been divorced 8 years and I have never asked for more money since the day I left.

Update 2:

Use condoms? I was married and this child was planned. The problem is that I am apparantly the only one who has "plans" to provide for him.

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    the police will probably go to his home and look for him. He could be arrested for a no show in court. If he owns his own business and doesn't pay up the court can put a lien on his business and his tax returns and also make him do jail time. There is nothing wrong with either parent being responsible and taking care of their child. Don't listen to what the guy said above me. He must like to take care of his children.

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    Most likely he will get arrested from a traffic violation and when his license is ran they will see he has an outstanding warrant. Although if he is a frequent flier then they might recognize him and just arrest him. Also if he's arrested on the warrant in Cumberland County then he will be extradited from Philly to Cumberland since they have the warrant on him.

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    You should be respectful of the father of your children.

    The hunt is on for the productive male, by the feminist lawyer and the collaborator on the bench. I would like the hunt to start on these family destroying enemies of our nation.

    The judge should be placed on a blacklist. All productive males shun this enemy of the family. No one provides any product or service to this family destroying lawyer.

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    talk to your attorney and use condoms.

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