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why is my bearded dragon biting his ornaments?

My bearded dragon all of a sudden started biting his rock statues, this has never happened before, he is around 2 years old, and im afraid what he is doing might hurt his teeth. is it possible he is still hungry after i fed him? is he getting somthing off the rocks? Please help

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    What are you feeding him?

    Try a large variety of foods including fruits and vegetables. Usually, it's the younger ones that eat the veg, but maybe yours needs more.

    Offer yellow and red food, it stimulates appetite. Try: Squash, tomatoes, kale, grapes, mustard greens, corn, carrots.

    You're using reptile vitamins right? If not, pick some up at the pet store and use it every meal. Repti-vite is good. Talk to the pet store employees.

    Remember that appetite will vary by season. (Even with the heat lamps and lights, season plays a big part in reptile life and health) Warmer months stimulate the appetite and they need more food.

    Increase his portions and watch him closely.

    Remove the rocks for now. You don't want him to injure himself. NO, he's not sharpening his teeth. LOL!

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    Ive had a bearded dragon before,but they've never done that. Try taking the rocks out and replacing them with something somewhat chewy that wont hurt his teeth,but not something he coud chew and swallow like foam.Feed him after you redecorate his cage. If that doesnt work,l dont know what to say. Hope you solve the problem. =]

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    he is chewing on it to keep his teeth sharp and healthy. it's normal. ok. apparently i was wrong (well the source, anyways). i went to beardeddragon.org onto their chatroom and asked them and nobody has ever heard of that before. they thought maybe you should wash the ornaments, maybe there are traces or food on them.

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    You can try feeding him a little to see if he's hungry.

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    It could be the move, or a broken bone or something

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    That site is very helpful!


    Source(s): A part of that site =D
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