where is mexico?

my friend says mexico is not in south america, where is it?

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    Mexico is on the continent North America.

    It is usually either considered the most souther nation that is North of Central America, or the most Northern nation of Central America, depending on the source... meaning some sources cite Mexico as a part of Central America and some dont.

    Mexico is South of the United States of America... but it is North and West of both Guatemala and Belize.

    The Northern border of Mexico is partly formed by the Rio Grande river. The East coast of Mexico is the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The West Coast is the North Pacific Ocean.

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    Mexico is in North America, due to it's location south of the United States. Central America are the countries below Mexico and South America begins south of Panama.

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    Mexico is a country in North America. Central America begins SOUTH of Mexico (Guatemala and Belize and runs all the way thru Panama) -- I'm amazed to see all those who have responded incorrectly!!

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    Mexico is at the bottom of the United States.

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    Wow, thanks God the last few guys got it right!

    North America (a subcontinent) comprises Canada, the USA and yes, Mexico.

    Central America is the narrow strip including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and Panama.

    South America begins in Colombia (which borders with Panama) and includes Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.

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      North America is NOT a continent. Yes, is an Americas' subcontinent

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    1 decade ago

    Central America

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      Mexico is North America, not Central!

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    1 decade ago

    It's just south of the US in Central America, which is technically part of the North American continent.

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    1 decade ago

    Mexico is in Central America. (The bottom of North America).

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    mainly under texas, west of florida and north of central america.

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