lodges in national parks?

I would like to take my husband to a lodge in one of the national parks. Going for birthday in feb. would prefer somewhere kinda warm. i would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Having once worked at the Grand Canyon Lodge of North Rim Arizona it is one of my favorites...but it is under ten feet of snow in Feb. due to the elevation of 8,000 plus feet and besides the road to the Lodge from the main highway is 45 miles and is not plowed out till late April or early May depending on the winter snowpack...Lodge is open only from May 15th thru Oct, 15th so this will not do... However I also worked at Zion Lodge which in the month of Feb. is their slow season and plenty of cabins available plus no people etc. Like having ther place to yourself !!! Elevation is 4,500 feet and if it does snow it melts right away in the canyon floor but you will still see snow on the higher peaks of which get up to oh 7,500 feet or so...Located in Southwestern Utah it is one of the most spectacular places in the park system...from December thru April anyone staying at the lodge can drive right up to the cabins etc. because from April thru Nov. it's all shuttles from the town of Springdale about 5 miles away...Quite romantic as there is no T.V. reception and no T.V.s if ya get my drift... You will have full access to anywhere in the park and temps from low 40s at night to highs of oh in 60-70s or so...I also worked at this Lodge...Zion Canyon Lodge and have hiked all the trails and rappelled down into the canyon too...Virgin river is within earshot and the water will put you to sleep at night so peaceful and no noise...wake up in the morning to wild turkeys, deer, and porcupines too...nightime you will see a spectacular sunset from Lava Point...good luck and enjoy...435-772-3213 for reservations...Zion Lodge is about 120 miles from Las Vegas up Interstate 15 North....near the town of St. George Utah...

    Source(s): Worked at Zion Lodge for one year and Grand Canyon Lodge for one season....
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    One of my favorite parks is Zion in Utah. We stayed at the lodge in the bottom of the canyon, and you are really surrounded by the place. It was wonderful to have breakfast on the patio outside, with a great view. Bryce Canyon has lodging inside the park as well.

    The Grand Canyon's north rim is terrific, but I believe it is snowed in until May. The south rim is nice, and warmer, but more crowded.

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