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What kind of outfits do you wear at clubs if you're a girl?

Are jeans and a really nice shirt too casual?

Should I wear a dress?

A skirt and blouse?

Never been clubbing before so I'm not sure what people usually wear...

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    Hey! Well it really depends how old you are and what you look like... but I'll take a guess that you are in your mid teens.

    So I'll show you different types of outfits, for example there's gonna be: simple style, if you really wanna look casual. There's gonna be fancy and chic. There's gonna be really sexy. And there's gonna be, revealing, if you wants lots of attention from the guys, which isn't good. And there's gonna be cute too.

    This top is simple but it's still cute:

    And it could go with:

    This is more revealing and sexy:

    And you could wear it with something like this:

    This, is classy and sexy in the same time, but it's a dress:

    So yeah I just wanted to give you ideas on what sorta things you can wear, you can basicly wear anything that looks good. And don't wear anything warm because it gets really hot in clubs... that's why I recommend SHORTS the best. Not skirts, skirts are just too uncomfortable to dance in, and also perverts in there will wanna look up your skirt or they might think it's 'easy access'. Trust me some of them do not care and don't mind going up a girl's skirt, so unless you want that, then don't do it... Now, jumpsuits are perfect for clubs, like these: , ,

    Another dress:


    Yeah so um, find something you like, go shopping if necessary, and you can get ideas from your friends too, ask them what they're wearing. Have funnn ! :)

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    What kind of outfits do you wear at clubs if you're a girl?

    Are jeans and a really nice shirt too casual?

    Should I wear a dress?

    A skirt and blouse?

    Never been clubbing before so I'm not sure what people usually wear...

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    Casual Club Outfits

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    When you are all dress up for clubbing pls don't wear sneakers. I always wear heels and I don't take them off while dancing. Try this, when at home, put on your heels, have your music and dance dance dance. It will hurt at first but keep doing that and you'll eventually get used to them. Hey try on different pairs so as to get them 'to break in"'. Try not to wear a brand new heels to go dancing, no matter how expensive the shoes cost, you'll definitely be bleeding after a few hours.

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    Comfort is king! If you wear something you feel good in you just glow. You dance and feel good, you don't feel too exposed or particular, you are confident and happy.

    Thats worth twenty hot outfits you can't live up to. Wear the thing that makes you feel good and be determined to shine in it.

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    NEVER wear a dress or a skirt unless ur not going to dance you should wear skinny jeans with wedged heels and a tied or buttoned down tube top

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    now this depends if your over 14, you can wear a cute short black dress!

    if you're under 14, just wear a cute shirt with a mini skirt

    good luck


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    Wear a jean skirt and a cute tank top, or some cute shorts and a cute top.. If you wear jeans it gets to hot, and the club isn't a place for blouses... lol

    Take it from a club rat ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wouldnt suggest a skirt..

    But I usually wear a cute pair of pants or bremudas.

    Ususally not jeans, but khaki or anyother material.

    Also, for a shirt..something sexy.

    Like a lowcut babydoll..or something in that matter.

    Hope you have fun. :]

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