What should I focus on in college if I want to start an animal shelter?

I have graduated this year and i am taking a year off to work an will take a few college classes thru the community college during that time. Next fall i will start college but i don't know what to focus on since i want to start an animal sanctuary in my community (all we have is a pound and they have to euthanize them in a week if they can't find anyone else to take them). What should i major/minor in?

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    Animal science, psychology and business. You may want to check out the Best Friends.org website. They are a gigantic no kill Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT who do really great things and they offer internships for vet technicians and internships that show you exactly what you are interested in. Anyone who wants to go on a volunteer/interesting vacation should check it out, for you it would help to visit and volunteer there. Their location is not too far from Las Vegas as well as the Grand Canyon so it would be an interesting place for you to visit and see what a large no-kill animal sanctuary is made of. It is one of the best animal care and help organizations I have seen. I volunteered there and was very impressed with the people and the facility and how big it was.

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    1 decade ago

    Veterinary Science and Business

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    1 decade ago

    Psychology and English because you will have to charm and convince a whole lot of people to donate a whole lot of money.

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