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How to lower airsoft gun FPS?

I bought an AEG and is there any way to lower the fps?

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    Yes, use heavier BB's.

    Airsoft bb's are made in .12gram, .20gram, and .30gram weights. The fps will be lower, the range will be decreased, but the heavier bb may sting more than a lighjter one due to it's weight.

    Unless you are mechanically inclined, I do not recomend attempting to disassemble your gearbox. Leave this type of job to someone with some experience, even if that means shipping it somewhere to have it done professionally. If you go messing with it yourself trying to replace your spring, you're liabel to screw the thing up so badly that it won't function at all.

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    Install a low tension spring, buy a Tokyo Marui velocity reducer, install a non-ported piston head, install a poor sealing o-ring on your piston head, etc.

    The easist way (but I don't recommend it) would be to fire your AEG but don't let it fully cycle. This will for sure lower the spring tension but I doubt it would be good for your gears and piston.

    Edit: Heavier bb's is deffinity not the way to go. Although your velocity goes down, the amount of force exerted on your target will stay the same, thus defeating the purpose. Go with the velocity reducer if you don't want to open up your gearbox.

    Also thought I'd note that range will not decrease with heavier bbs. In fact, it get's better along with improved stability/accuracy. Check out this link for more info:

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    try removing the spring, then replace it with a lower grade spring, I.E M120 spring down to M100. This will decrease your gun's FPS

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    you can lower the fps by putting a lower power spring into it, the spring is within the gearbox. hope this helps :)

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    there is some ways but you might want to try googleing it first beacouse it is really hard

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    it depends on the exact gun

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