I don't know if I should be mad or glad! Immigration i soo confusing, so I'll make a list:


In Texas, the population is more hispanic than american!

The mexicans at my school[i no for a fact are illegal] act so iggnorant, like they don't even want to be here! That's rude.


We don't want to do the dirty jobs. That's what they do.

A lot of them are really nice, like the people who mow my lawn[know thier ilegal too]i wave and they wave back.

SO my question:

Should I be against or for illegal immigration?

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    its a hard decision. its hard to be angry at the individual. it does get clearer as you look at the problem as a whole. illegal immigration is:

    1. bankrupting our schools

    2. bankrupting our hospitals

    3. overpopulating our cities

    4. creating dangerous street gangs

    5. lowering the wages

    6. lowering the standard of living

    7. jeopardizing our social security system

    8. destroying / diluting our American culture and identity

    i could go on and on. ILLEGAL immigration threatens our way of life as we know it. it is also a serious concern for national security.

    LEGAL immigration is what this country is founded on. America is a melting pot. we have received good people from every country and region in the world. my family is from Russia. not the nice civilized sanitized one you see today, the old soviet socialist republic. I'm the 2nd generation born here . I thank God for LEGAL immigration. I think ILLEGAL immigration must be stopped at all costs

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    You should be against it. Its a slap in the face to the ones that waited in line to get here legally and it's not fair that they're getting paid under the table, not paying taxes yet getting our free health care and aid that was put in place for US citizens. plus ILLEGAL immigration is ILLEGAL so they're all criminals. If we want people to take the jobs everyone thinks no one supposedly want, they need to up the wages a little more. There are homeless American citizens that probably wouldn't mind taking some of those jobs.

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    It is up to you. Do research. However, who else is going to mow your lawn? or do the "dirty work? Most of the people in America who do the "dirty work" below minimum wage is Mexicans or another immigrant. Keep in mind that it is not just Mexicans who are immigrants but also other races. The reason why the mexicans at your school may "act so ignorant" may be because they are scared, or people at your school do not welcome them. You need to do some unbias research before you make a decision.

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    All Latinos in the US are not illegal! And another thing, have you considered that many of the Latino people in Texas ARE Americans?

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    first, you have to realize that your analysis of what is bad and good really doesnt make sense.


    1)hispanics are americans. you're generally saying that all hispanics in Texas are immigrants, when in fact, many are second, third, etc generation latinos, who are as American as you are. its as if youre saying that Latinos arent American (no matter what)

    2)stating that mexicans act ignorant is kind is such a one dimensional view of them. you should try to understand their past and their disadvantages they face (not being welcomed by whites and being discriminated against). also it also doesnt make sense to later say that theyre nice people if at first youre saying they act ignorant.

    i cant tell you to be for or against. thats something you have to come up for yourself based on how you interpret the facts

    but since i think it would be useful to you:

    as for me, im pro immigration, which means that i am for immigrant rights regardless of their legal status. this is because of many things:

    -The US needs immigrants (non-legal and legal)

    -Increases the economy significantly when they work at low wages, when they send money back home (look up "remittances"), cash in their checks (they need to pay fees for that).

    -They increase competition for housing (low-income housing primarily). In capitalist countries like this one, competition is always good for the economy.

    -They allow for greater diversity.

    -They allow for a greater selection of white collar workers who will fill up white collar jobs once baby boomers retire (of course, it is up to the United States to decide whether they want to give immigrants the tools to become successful or prevent them from escaping low wage jobs)

    -They, like you said, fill jobs that citizens dont want to do. that includes the garment industry, mowing your lawn, construction, janitor work, service (i.e. maids).

    -not only do they drive competition in housing, but in goods as well. frankly, without them, the US wouldve fallen already in deep economical troubles as we speak.

    -they escape poverty for a shot of wealth. many of the undocumented immigrants in the US were very poor in their home countries. by coming here, they are able to live a bit easier (though they obviously need to work for a long time, and very hard).

    things to notice about the other side (the side against immigration):

    -contrary to belief, immigrants are not bankrupting schools and hospitals and other things. state governments always take away funds from schools and other services in order to add more resources on other fields that really dont help anyone. immigration ends up being the scapegoat in order to blame economical woes of this country (which is unfair)

    -because theyre poor and this country doesnt offer them opportunities to succeed, they end up in gangs in order to get wealth. you can compare this to someone going in a rage when they dont get what they need (food, housing) desperation sets it

    -they are not destroying american culture. the first amendment of the US Constitution allows people in the US to express themselves in many ways (religiously or culturally). if anything, immigration is making sure American Culture follows the constitution and stays true to its beliefs of opportunity, pursuit of happiness, liberty, and freedom for all

    -social security will take a serious blow when baby boomers retire in the next 10-20 years. without immigrants, social security will crumble completely.

    -wages are actually increasing. congress is fighting to increase the national wage over 8 dollars an hour

    -they do not threaten national security in any way. people keep saying this all the time mainly because of the concern of terrorism, but like the reports that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the reports that say immigration threaten national security are also faulty

    -this country has always needed illegal immigration. many laws prior and after the great depression called for Mexico to send immigrant workers (many which did not have any documents at all)

    got lots more, but i'll let you digest these for yourself

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