What we can do (Native Filipinos) to up lift the dragging down image of our young Filipino women?

From the the eyes of foreign nationals the filipino women are so cheap to marry, maids and international prostitute etc.......

These are images of our filipino women outside in the phil.

Many times I was hurt on issue, I heared personnaly from the mouth of a certain foreign nationals. To the young and brave filipino men, we will care and protect the dignity of our country.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you heard it from "certain" foreign nationals, then i be willing to bet they were in the Philippines as sex tourist because no women in their country would lower there standards to them.

    In the Philippines sex tourism exist because of many economical problems not moral issues.

    you mentioned however more of an international view.If you read the answers you will see a common thread, it is not the Filipina that has the bad image it is the male. the male in the Philippine must be the bread winner and take responsibility for themselves and then the women.

    I have traveled around the world and have seen Filipina almost everywhere. in general I can say they are highly respected.True there are some in sex jobs, but it is a problem forced upon them often by pressures from home or illegal recruitment. the movie Milan Directed by Olivia M. Lamasan. With Claudine Barretto, Piolo Pascual, has a scene that drives the blight of the owf to home. Jenny played by Claudine is a domestic worker holding down a number of jobs to support her family at home. she gets a call from her brother to buy him a trike, when she refuses he gives the phone to the mother who belittles her into "helping" her brother.I think the family of all OWf should see that film.

    In my travels i have seen women perform many types of jobs including management positions in luxury hotels, but when they return home they are often looked down upon by the men of their age bracket. they may wear westernized clothes that they have been accustomed too, and have some extra money. too ashamed to admit a "mere" women could make something of them selves as a man all he has done is stand around and drink, he reacts that she must of been a prosituite overseas.

    the problem with the overseas image of the Filipina is solely in the mind of the Philippine Male in the Philippines to lazy to made a life for himself.

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  • 4 years ago

    No one is correct. This goes not only to the Filipino's but to all Catholics around the WORLD. So, MTmorph, don't be biased. The new testament is made around 60 years or so after the death of Jesus Christ. The early Christians used oral traditions to hand down the accounts of the NT. As you can see Gospels are not the same accounts as those of the apostles themselves. Logically speaking, every account changes everytime it is handed down from one generation to another. I know I am a Catholic but I had external sources that told me not to believe these religious entities. So, I am in a conflict right now on what to really believe. Faith or Logic? And For the Old testament, the source of information is oblivious. The Bible turned out to be the most controversial and anomalous book in the history of Christianity. The first 4 books are from Torah which was the holy scripture of Judaism. Islam and Christianity are branches of Judaism. Do you really think that the Apocryphas should be ruled out just because it is not part of the bible? What is the source of CCC? Is it also from the bible? You cannot simply judge by cultural differences and you MTmorph have the option to adapt to it or not. Questioning the culture is questioning their beliefs. We have our own opinions. Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Adventists, etc. Are simply Christian denominations with major differences. Don't change our culture because you are not a citizen of the Philippines. Why should you care? Don't be biased. Tell me, what are you? Are you a Protestant? Because what you are doing is questioning the papal authority in the Vatican. That makes you a protestant and yet you are using their sources against them. How clever are you? Realistically speaking, religion is just an illusion of conjured trickery that bypasses the pathway to GOD.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There was nothing cheap about marrying my Filipina wife. She's not a maid or a hooker and your stereotype is incorrect. If you want to improve on your country's dignity and image you should start with the men who hang out in the waiting shed all day like vultures sipping on tuba and tanduay. They are not waiting for the jeepney, they are waiting for their "share" of money from some OFW relative or the one who married a foreigner. All women, no doubt. Its known internationally that Filipino men are the dregs, not the women. As far as I can tell the women in your country are doing all the work while the men take up professional cocke fighting to help blow the money she brings home. You should look first at a mirror if you want so badly to improve your image around the world. Maybe your poll of foreigners should not have been conducted at the hootchey bar.

    Source(s): I also agree 100% with Big P
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  • Big P
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    1 decade ago

    My heart go out to all filipina's good and bad.

    Yes, I know about the ignorance and narrow minded judgement coming foreign nationals.

    I think filipina's working overseas are exploited in the worst way. Its not fair at all.

    In my opinion, I think filipino families put too much pressure on filipina's working abroad. They are not aware how hard it is to sacrifice with everyone asking for money. Some filipina's

    get many offers from rich Arabic men for "special services".

    Some filipina's are not ready to go back home so they take up a "special offer" from there Arabic sponsor to keep them in the country.

    Contrary to popular belief, financial pressure coming from families turn some filipina's into underground prostitutes.

    If some family members step up and help with financial stability, maybe that would lighten the load off the shoulders of

    filipina's feeling obligated to "save" everyone in her family.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well for one, Filipinas are faithful lovers.

    As far as I know, Americans like Filipinas for the fact that they`re sure they`ll never leave them.

    Also, even within a filipina-filipino relationship, Filipinas are really faithful with their lovers.

    It`s the guys who always cheat!! haha

    True enough, don`t you think?

    Even prostitutes have a big heart, and they`re all just doing that coz of easy money or what not. But definitely not because they do not have a heart. NONE of what they do ever degrades the height of the love they can give for someone, especially to a lover. As a matter of fact, I think they do those things they do for love (family, etc.).

    One more thing, every country who judges filipina women badly should be degraded themselves, coz they absolutely are just tails who listen to what rumors say and what they see (judging the book by its cover) and not confirm by talking to even just one filipina themselves.


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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure what you mean by "cheap to marry"...I don't live in a country where they charge to marry a girl based on her nationality. I didn't realize being a maid was anything to be ashamed of: my mom worked as one, and we live in a wealthy country. I'm not sure what youth or bravery has to do with protecting Filipinas' dignity, but assuming they actually want your protection you should ask Pinays directly how you can most help them. I'd love to hear THEIR answers!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Datu Marinero, this is nth question you have posted regarding Filipinas and foreigners which revolves around the theme bordering on immorality. I have worked with a lot of foreigners even as a student and they have a very high regard for the sharpness of our minds and work ethic. Contrary to male machismo, the Filipina is very capable of defending her dignity.

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  • 36
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    1 decade ago

    what you stated is an international image of our pinays.

    nothing can stop this except a quantum leap from being materialistic to being spiritual.

    women, as well as men of all culture succumbed to desperate means when they want material satisfaction which is as elusive as catching our own shadows.That is why "the love of money " is the root of all evil is indicated in all the religious teachings and this should be shunned by being contented with what is needed.

    but this is not at all true when it comes to our professional women, and even ordinary pinays. there are lots of morally high women in our society

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  • 1 decade ago

    What we can perhaps do to help is to abstain from asking questions like these that tend to highlight the negative and drag down the image.

    Instead of starting off with the negative premises, we turn it around, and ask questions that tend to highlight what is best of the Filipina. And for this, we do not lack material.

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  • MatT
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    1 decade ago

    Well, there's basically one thing: to elect good and honest officials who will, above all other else, respect and love the country wholeheartedly.

    Lastly, stop worshipping Mestizo actors and actresses and give jobs to the native Filipinas so they would not need to go abroad.

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