when you're gone MV

did anyone know

what the when you're gone MV mean?

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    Do you mean the mv of the song "When you're Gone" by Avril Lavigne? The music video have three stories inside.

    The first one is that the husband needs to go to be a soldier, and the wife is so worried and she cannot imagine how she can live without him, as she loves him so much. She even has a baby later in the music video, she hopes that one day her husband will come back without injuries.

    The second story is that the mother does not allow her daughter to hang out with her boyfriend. And the girl begins to think of her memories, the happy moments with her boyfriend, looking at the photos in the camera.

    The third story is that the old man's wife is died, and the old man miss his wife very much. He misses her so much that he smells the clothes that shehad worn, and touches the bed that she had lied. It seems that the heat from her body is still on the bed.

    Hope I can help you.

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    go to "youtube.com"

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