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Going to Canada

"How do I get the tax refund when I shop in Canada?" Can anyone tell me about ? I know shopping in Canada is more expensive than in USA. I speak Chinese.

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    You can apply for a GST/HST refund if all of the following conditions apply to you:

    - You are not a resident of Canada when you apply for a refund;

    - While in Canada, you bought eligible goods for your personal use, and/or you paid for eligible short-term accommodation (e.g., hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and camping);

    - You paid GST/HST on your purchases;

    - You have the original receipts that list each item you bought (we do not accept photocopies, debit or credit card slips);

    - All of the receipts with eligible goods listed have Proof of Export;

    - Each receipt with eligible goods must have a total purchase amount (before taxes are added) of at least $50 CAN (without rounding);

    - The total of all of your receipts on eligible goods and eligible short-term accommodation (before taxes are added) must be at least $200 CAN;

    - The eligible goods you bought are removed or exported from Canada within 60 days of the date they were delivered to you; and

    We receive your refund application within one year after the date the eligible goods were delivered to you or the tax on the eligible short-term accommodation became payable.

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