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What do you think of this Fantasy Team?

QB - Jay Cutler

RB - Adrian Peterson

RB - Willis McGahee

RB/WR - Michael Turner

WR - Andre Johnson

WR - Chad Johnson

TE - Tony Gonzalez

D/ST - Bears

K - Nick Folk

Bench Players:

Santana Moss, Chester Taylor, Jake Delhomme, Deuce McAllister, Issac Bruce, Jabar Gaffney, Warrick Dunn

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    Pretty good starting lineup. Peterson, and your 2 johnson wr should be pretty good this season. Cutler will be up and down though...

    Dang cant wait for our draft. Good luck man

  • Mr R
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    Geez, I see you bought into the "draft as many RBs as you can" theory.

    QB - I don't like Cutler, he just is too inconsistant. He had only 2 games of 300 yds last season and only 20 TDs with 14 INTs. Delhomme I think will come back strong now that his shoulder is better and start throwing bombs to Steve Smith.

    Delhomme would be my starter if I were you.

    RB - starters are strong, although Turner has never been a starter yet, so we will see how he does in that role. Taylor is good to have just in case Peterson gets hurt. Also, we will see how McAllister's knees hold up this year, but he should start. He will get yards, but not many TDs.

    I would dump Warrick Dunn, there are too many RBs in Tampa Bay and his fantasy value is all but gone. Cadillac Williams and Graham will be running the majority of carries in Tampa.

    WR - A. Johnson is wide open, he will rack you up some stats. Chad Johnson will do ok for you if he can stop his whining and complaining long enough. I would look for a sleeper to come out to replace Gaffney and keep Bruce on the bench until you see how he will do in that 49er offense. My opinion is Bruce is done having any fantasy value, he just getting too old and doesn't have what it takes any more.

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