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Is potentially 5 superpowers better for the world? US, EU, China, India, Russia?

Consider after WW2 and not long after the fall of the Soviet Union the US if not due to military influence controlled most nations via economic power and setup Japan as its economic and influential power in Asia. However Americans' are not particularly liked and have a reputation for bullying nations which has just be accelerated during the Bush administration. Now we see rather than one gold pot the US available there are many others and better evenly spread (Rather than just US dependent nations) giving better access and sometimes due to geographical and historical details better in more ways than just economic but political, culturally and strategically. Given the world wealth is better spread and nations are grouping and getting stronger rather than being "bullied" I think more superpowers are a good thing. With one exception. Will these powers just mean the lagging nations will be exploited more and despots have more choice of who to ally with? Or just leave the laggers behind?

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    After WW-2 the only reason why the USA and USSR were able to become world super-powers is because Europe was busted/broke. Also, the whole of Eastern Europe was held in the icy grip of the USSR.

    Things have changed - dramatically changed actually.

    The EU is incredibly rich, in money, history and culture.

    You can take my word on it that the EU has considerable power in the world and when we speak with a single voice the world stops spinning - believe. . . .

    As for there being potentially 5 world superpowers - well, if that's what's going to happen, why not? We're all in the UN so can sneer safely at each other in there - hope so.

    Here's one for the diary - "The great thing about being in the EU is that we can now all hate each other in complete safety".

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    Well if the US is a bully, then why is the USSR not(we all should no why) and Britain(enslaving Africa, Middle East, Asia, killing of continental Africans(south Africa), India(horrible to them). Why do people forget that the strongest powers are always to be hated, look at the horrible things that France, Spain, Portugal, and Britain did in colonizing the new world, Africa, and the Middle East! Africa is in hell because of these nations drawing borders that are random and grouping ethnic minorities against each other. Blame them!

    To the point, superpowers are great, the best rule, and obviously other nations aren't good enough to do so. I sincerely hope the EU splits so they are not included, because I like diversity not just one European label! We are the best so why not strum ahead.

    Source(s): American, love Europe, Harvard text.
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    The UN is a bully boy for the Elite, the EU is a dictatorship with laws of a police state, and is illegal to our British Common law. The EU's 111,000 regulations cost us £100 billion a year, we are all seeing the police state growing around us and our Contitution being shredded, as we lose our rights to the state. We were rich, and traded quite happily with the world, we had our own fishing waters, post offices, an friendly bobby on the beat, look at us now. I say a big NO!

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    The E U is like high school girls that all hate the most popular girl in school They pretend to like each other but would do anything to be like her or with her

    China .India and Russia ho please

    If you recall not long back Japan was ''going to be the world banker The next economic power house'' They called us stupid and lazy Don't hear that kind of talk any more

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    Oregon - how would China mass soldiers to invade the United States with their complete lack of a Blue Water Navy?

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    it makes absolutely no difference which countries are "branded" as super-power or not. Its like me calling you a Sir. So what?? having a label as part of this group does not impact anything - especially if the Commander-in-chief (president) of 1 of those superpowers is a total nincompoop. (AKA bush).

  • The US trade deficit is going to cripple the country in the future, so strike it from your list

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    the US is screwed. its in debt up to its neck. asia and the arabs have all the money. the days of US being top dog are numbered

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    Zero superpowers would be better

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    I tried to read your question and fell asleep. Make it short and sweet next time.

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