Is this body ok for a 15 year old,pics included?

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ok i dont want to be a aneroxic but i dont want to be a FAT person,like some(most) americans are(i am american) here am i <a href="" more
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You have a SEXY BODY! Wow. I would not change a thing, seriously. You are Perfect. If you lose weight, your boobies will go away. And what is the point of losing weight if you already have a flat tummy? :)

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THANKS that is the nicest answer!
that kicked my confidence up alot lol
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  • justaguy answered 6 years ago
    its good... ok...nd sexy
    not BIG boobies lol but pretty good sized haha
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  • twilightwishes7 answered 6 years ago
    You're at a good weight. I think you look skinny. Just keep fit and eat right. Don't be lazy!! : )
    To be honest, your body looks likes my body. Flat tummy, no love handles, good legs. Be more self confident and learn to love yourself. ^^
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  • Cap'n Awesome answered 6 years ago
    seem kinda fat imo
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  • sarah answered 6 years ago
    you look perfect to me.

    just stay healthy.


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  • Sith Sky answered 6 years ago
    uh oh, looks like sith is going to jail again
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  • sharonsmineonly answered 6 years ago
    perfect size.i see no "lovehandles" or anything to critize at all. stay healthy and dont worry.
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