Moisturizer for my penis?

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I want some moisturizer for my penis so it doesn't get dry and rough, I've started to feel that its a little bit rough and I don't want a rash or to get it sore. So I just more
Update : I don't like girls answering questions about my member even if more
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  • Color answered 6 years ago
Just use baby oil:it hydrates and protects the skin as well
After you washed put it if you are not cut also on your glans and rub it in.Keeps it supple and no more friction will occur.
And there is less pain.
Do this myself every day.
And it costs like nothing.
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  • RH answered 6 years ago
    I would recomend buying just a regular skin lotion, for dry skin.
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  • Michael C answered 6 years ago
    the girl on top is right but make sure no matter what u do it doesnt say external use only cuz it will burn the f-ck out of ur penis!
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  • xo.kaydee answered 6 years ago
    the same stuff you use on your face.

    go to walmart or shoppers drug mart and look in the beauty section for moisturizers for dry skin.
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  • Jarvier answered 6 years ago
    use water moisturizer
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  • xLxUxKxEx answered 6 years ago
    i used some of tat moisturizing shampoo or conditioning or some **** and my dick was like shedding its skin it was really weird. and hurt too jack off a lot. so don't get any ideas.
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  • beth s answered 6 years ago
    stop playing with it so much....

    in the mean time, use oil of olay. good, cheap and you can use it on your face, too.
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