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Good modern Sci-Fi authors?

can you name some?


I'm thinking more like futuristic/ sociopolitical stuff than Horror or fantasy.

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    Here are some notable recent works:

    Jack McDevitt--Seeker

    Joe Haldeman--Camouflage

    Richard Morgan--Black Man

    --Altered Carbon

    M. John Harrison--Light

    --Nova Swing

    Richard Paul Russo--Ship of Fools (Unto Leviathan)

    Ian McDonald--River of Gods

    John Scalzi--Old Man's War

    --The Ghost Brigades

    --The Last Colony

    Charles Stross--Accelerando


    --Iron Sunrise

    --Singularity Sky

    Vector Vinge--A Deepness in the Sky

    --Rainbows End

    Michael Flynn--Eifelheim

    Peter Watts--Blindsight

    Ken MacLeod--Learning the World

    --Cosmonaut Keep

    --The Sky Road

    Iain M Banks--The Algebraist

    Robert Charles Wilson--Blind Lake



    --The Chronoliths

    Robert J. Sawyer--Calculating God

    --Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy: Hominids, Humans, Hybrids

    China Mieville--Perdido Street Station

    --The Scar

    --Iron Council

    Dan Simmons--Ilium

    David Brin--Kiln People

    Michael Swanwick--Bones of the Earth

    Connie Willis--Passage

    All have won or been nominated for awards and are more sci-fi than fantasy, and were published within the past few years. I hope this helps!

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    Seconding Miéville, Norton, Heinlein, Cherryh (although I'd only call Miéville modern per se, out of those.)

    As far as moderns, aka 1990ish and beyond: I also think Jonathan Lethem is fantastic, but I know he is kind of an acquired taste. Thomas Ligotti is more horror than scifi, but is generally fantastic. Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go' is also weird and brilliant. Look into New Weird and Slipstream as two modern genres of speculative fiction.

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    It all depends on the type of Science-Fiction you want to read. China Mieville is one author who specializes in, for lack of a better term, weird fiction, Sort of modern fantasies. Neil Gaiman is another in that vein. Robert Rankin, a British author, is good for humorous and fun sf/fantasy. David Weber and John Ringo are good for military sf. Charles Stross and Iain M Banks are good for far, far future, super high technology dystopian type of sf. My favorites lately are Jeff Somers, David Gunn, Richard K Morgan and Andy Remic.

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    There is a guy called China Mieville. He has a few books: Perdido Street Station, The Scar, King Rat. He's a great writer. Perdido Street Station is the best.

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    Bruce Sterling, Pat Cadigan, and William Gibson. All have wrote a number of "cyberpunk" novels. From Sterling I have read Schismatrix and Holy Fire; from Cadigan, Tea From An Empty Cup; and from Gibson, Neuromancer and Pattern Recognition. All incorporate important issues in technology.

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    James Patterson has the Maximum Ride seires and coming this month the adventures of Dangerous Daniel X

    One is about six children genetically mutated to have wings who need to save the world, Danger Dan comes out this month

    Douglas Adams

    He wrote the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and a few others

    heres a list of 22 other sci-fi favorites:

    and a great website to go to is

    you type in a book and they recommend you other books that others who have read the book liked.

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    Andre Norton (all - she has both sci-and fantasy series)

    Robert Heinlein (all- especially his early to middle work)

    Anne McCaffrey (especially the ship who sang series)

    Harry Turtledove

    Eric Flint (1632 series)

    Mercedes Lackey

    are our top favs there's over 250 books just from these authors alone

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    Stephen Baxter, Michael Flynn, C J Cherry H to name a few. enjoy

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