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Which one should i choose Peter or John?

I was seeing guy Peter for few weeks and i dropped him because he was very boring and there just wasn't any chemistry between us.His social skills sucks.I just wasn't feeling it.The thing is,he is having hard time accepting my dicision.He always tells me that he missed me .

After that i met John who is 44 years old and i am 23.He has a great sense of homor and he is amazing.I always feel excited to see him we just can't get enough of each other.

Peter is same age as me but i felt nothing for him,even though he still likes me.John is way older than me but i feel attraction towards him.

So which one would you choose?

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    Well Peter is a definate no. Just because he is your same age does not mean you should be with him. You will be miserable. I don't think age is that big of a deal. When you're in love, you're in love, simple as that. My parents were 20 years apart and they were in love until my dad suddenly passed away. Go with what your heart says and you won't regret it!

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    Why do you even have to ask? If you have no chemistry with Peter now you never will. I'd choose John and tell Peter to move on.

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    I don't believe age should be a factor in deciding who you choose. You may need to consider any baggage with an older man though. Ex wife, kids, etc. If an older man makes you happy because of who he is and how he makes you feel, so be it.

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    Just out of curiousity, why are you asking this question in weddings?

    but in my sage opinion, i'd date the guy you like the most, if you've got no chemistry with one loser then chose the other.

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    Neither one. If you have to ask Yahoo Answers, then neither one is the right man for you. I suggest you keep looking. You will know when you find Mr. Right, and you won't be needing our assistance.

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    neither. hire a clown instead than get played by a way older guy.

    Stay away from losers. Losers attract Losers.

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    I'd choose to either start posting in the correct sections, or I'd start thinking for myself. If I were you, of course.

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    well i can't really tell you which one this is a hard question if you choose peter you don't like him,but if you choose john he is too old for you!

    i think you should wait for someone else!

    hope it helps!

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    i say whatever one attracts you more and you see spending the rest of your life with (:

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