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Which one should i choose Peter or John?

I was seeing guy Peter for few weeks and i dropped him because he was very boring and there just wasn't any chemistry between us.His social skills sucks.I just wasn't feeling it.The thing is,he is having hard time accepting my dicision.He always tells me that he missed me .

After that i met John who is 44 years old and i am 23.He has a great sense of homor and he is amazing.I always feel excited to see him we just can't get enough of each other.

Peter is same age as me but i felt nothing for him,eventhough he still likes me.John is way older than me but i feel attraction towards him.

So which one would you choose?

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    Chose John the who have an attraction to why do u want to be in a relationship with a boring person. be with the person that make u feel happy and feel good about yourself

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    If you and John like each other, then you and John should see each other. Unless, of course, perhaps there is some reason you shouldn't be seeing John such as his being married.

    Are you married to Peter and just find John fascinating? Is John previously married? Is there baggage for you to have to handle if it gets serious? Will you become a step mom? Does his x live next door? Will you always be the "other woman"?

    If there are no other reasons besides age to get between you and John's happiness, then let the relationship grow and see what comes of it.

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    Neither... When you need to choose someone your heart speaks so loudly there is no doubt about it at all...

    Peter no chemistry...sorry it can t work out

    John much fun ... but pure illusion your difference will start settling really soon as no one can jump so many years in life and neither will he ever be able to relate so many years behind... ( I am married with a man who is 13 years older than me and believe me it is SOOOOOOOOO hard for both of us as we never though age would weight in with time it waits over a TON)

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    Peter shouldn't even be in your scope at this point. Don't settle for something because he can't get over it.

    John may be very appealing right now. Is he married - I'm guessing he is. Even if he isn't - at 44 he probably has most of his life together and you're looking at him as a sugar daddy. Now, look at your own dad. John is going to be his age in just ten years - still sexy looking to you?

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    You should think twice about getting involved with a man so much older than you. Other than sex, what might the two of you have in common?

    Even that fades and you will soon see this amazing guy morph into just another middle aged guy and then what?

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    If I were the female in this scenario, I wouldn't pick either one of them because I'm too immature to know what I want, what's important in a man, or to judge men by things other than values, morals and integrity.

    Oh....and if I were the man in this scenario, I would find a woman who can spell things like decision and humor and who knows that you put spaces between words and sentences and knows how to conjugate a verb.

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    Well Peter sounds better. Or even neither. John may just be getting your trust for a good time.

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