Why would it be necessary to do an endoscopy for acid reflux?

My girlfriend has problems with heartburn/acid reflux. Her doctor said she'd like her to go for an endoscopy. I asked the Dr, what would be done if it was found that she had acid reflux, and she said she would prescribe Nexium for it.

I asked her, why bother to do the test at all, when you can just write an RX for Nexium and avoid the "middle man" the pain and the drugs to do this test? (I had this test done years ago and it was awful, they spray your throat with this stuff that tastes like paint, the procedure is VERY painful, and the idiots that did it kept injecting my IV with that god-awful poison Versed every time I woke up....which was 5 times during the test, choking on the tube and going into respiratory arrest. I remember not being able to talk and being in pain for days afterwards. I wouldn't want her to go through this unnecessarily, especially since she is a professional singer and can't afford to have her throat or vocal cords damaged by some moron FL doctor)


I can see doing this if you suspected cancer or an ulcer or needed to do a biopsy...but for heartburn? It seems like overkill when all you can do is prescribe medication for the ailment.

Update 2:

PS an endoscopy is a GREAT way to torture someone!! You have them strapped to a table, forcing a tube down their throat while they taste paint, choke, have an anxiety attack and pass out....they have their throat torn up from the test and have it close up so you can't eat lettuce, carrot shreds, popcorn, etc....This is what happened to me when I had this test done....Oh and ended up with PTSD from that horrible drug Versed.

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    Heres the thing...chronic heartburn can cause something called Barrett's esophagitis which is a precancerous change in the esophagus. The doctor needs to know how bad the damage is to make sure that something more aggressive does not need to be done. Also, he needs a baseline in case things get worse so he knows to what degree things have worsened or improved. Sometimes the acid from heartburn can cause ulcers in the esophagus and place people at risk for bleeding-this would also be nice to know so he can counsel her against using blood thinners like aspirin.

    ADD: Look I understand that you had a bad experience and I'm sorry but God forbid she have some precancerous changes and they don't catch it-well how much more pain is esophageal cancer going to be? There is no other way to see these changes without taking a look at them directly. Period.

    The doctor gave you his opinion-you can take it or leave it. His job is to tell you what the risk/benefits of not taking his advice can be and then its up to you to make your own decision no matter how ill advised it may be. You wanted to know the reason it was being done and I'm telling you. I have a friend who is, like myself, also a doctor and he thought he'd blow off the follow up endoscopy because he thought it was a pain. And you know what, now hes in the middle of a work up for esophageal cancer. Pick your poison but don't complain when someone gives you the reason why its done just because you don't like the test.

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    ur soo sweet!

    i think its not necessary but just it case she should do it after all if she gets more sick *not that anyone wants that 2 happen * but if she does it would be more difficult to get the job done, and even more painfulk. try voicing ur concerns to the docootr and see what he/she says

    best of luck to ur girlfirend

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