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torrent question answer ASAP please!?

I use bit-torrent and azureus vuze...i was wondering if they are against the law...because last time i heard torrents werent against the law but people wanted them to be...i dont know...answer for 10 points...thanks!

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    it depends on where you live, still no problem in Canada. I would very much doubt you would have a problem in China or many other countries. In the U.S. the "land of the free" probably yes.

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    The idea of torrents is not illegal. You can use torrents to download different Linux versions (which is legal since they're all open-source), and other open-source software.

    However, downloading music albums, software, movies, etc., is illegal and is theoretically traceable.


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    the programs are legal, it's the to use them that can be illegal.

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    1 decade ago

    It's how you use them, if you download illegal stuff then of course it's illegal.

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