Which celebrity do people say that you look like....?

For me it's this guy....LOL....http://images.wikia.com/furry/images/8/8d/Yamster-confident.jpg......
Update: If I don't think you are telling the truth, I am gonna call you out under additional details..lmao!!
Update 2: guess my link is not working....too bad because the pic was really HOT!!!!
Update 3: Link is working, I'm just suffering from mild retardation as usual...http://images.wikia.com/furry/images/8/8d/Yamster-confident.jpg
Update 4: Timmy.....you look exactly like Brad Pitt..you must be a chick magnet
Update 5: Jack...I'm not sure, is looking like Bill Cosby a good thing?
Update 6: Cubs Fan..dont be that way, everyone looks like someone, dont get all shy on me
Update 7: Inconegro...I dont think you look like either one, I think you look like Kobe Bryant!
Update 8: Taay, Sponge Bob is cute tho, right?
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