Should I pop my spider bites or leave them alone?

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I have 5 spider bites on my leg. One of them I scratched till it bled, so now it wont stop and I dono if thats just straight injury or if theres some kind of poison that needs to come more
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  • Adam answered 6 years ago
Leave them alone. Scratching at them or squeezing them will only increase the tissue damage and it will take longer to heal.

Put some gauze or a paper towel or something on the one that's bleeding until it stops (I'm presuming it's only bleeding a little, not a lot). Wash the area with soap and water, then maybe put a little Neosporin (or similar ointment) on.

Popping bites like that increases the risk of getting a minor skin infection. It will NOT expell any kind of poison - your body will handle the injury on its own if you let it.
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  • Sun_King answered 6 years ago
    Popping them can lead to major infection some just leave them alone. If you haven't seen a doctor already go ahead and see one. They will be able to give you better long term advice.
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  • Brit B answered 6 years ago
    Leave them! it will make it a lot worse if you mess with them!

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