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Is it unpatriotic for Exxon to charge Americans $140 for a barrel of American oil?

Is it unpatriotic for Exxon to charge Americans $140 for a barrel of American oil?

Just 5 years ago, Exxon was able to "make ends meet" whil charging $30 for a barrel of oil. Today they charge $140 a barrel and more. Obviously their costs haven't gone up anywhere near 300%+. Labor costs may have inched up. Other costs may have gone up too, but absolutely nothing justifies charging $140 for a barrel of oil. The over charge translates directly into profits. Why is Exxon helping OPEC to destroy the American economy? No law required Exxon to charge $140 for oil. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads. Please don't give me any crap about "the market sets the price". No business in America is forced to overcharge Americans.

Why does the management of Exxon want to help OPEC destroy America's economy?

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John, you might want to check your facts son. Exxon IS charging we Americans $140 for a barrel of oil. Do you think they're only charging us $30? If so, then why isn't gas $1.50 a gallon at exxon stations like it was a few years ago?

Update 2:

Go protest Starbucks? For crying out loud, Starbucks is not destroying the American economy, gas prices and Iraq are.

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    Anyone who says that the supply side of the US oil market is not being manipulated only for the sake of pure unabated greed, is either making a profit on the manipulation or naive.

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    Do you know why it's $140 a barrel? Because we, both Ds and Rs, threaten war with Iran. Sorry not threaten, promise war. One of the main reasons.

    Not to mention our dollar is also weak. Study the Gold Standard and we could easily afford oil.

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    No, and for you to ask this shows you know nothing about economics. Exxon's profit margins are less than Starbucks. Go protest Starbucks instead.

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    Yes, it is.

    Anyone that says differently either owns at least a few thousand shares of Exxon/Mobil stock or is working for our enemies.

    Or, both.

    Edit: To Herb - patriotism trumps capitalism every day of the week in my book, buddy. Why aren't people like you in prison to protect the rest of us?

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    Yep, they drill for, transport, refine, and sell the oil. They are an American company selling to Americans. It's extortion pure and simple, an engineered crisis to fleece the people.

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    The $140 is a world price for this commodity. Exxon is not charging America this price. Why are you so angry against America? How old are you anyway?

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    Patriotism and Capitilism are two different things.

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