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Fico score?

Is your fico score the same thing as your credit score? If not, what is the difference? Is 710 good?

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    Per, the median FICO score is 723.

    FICO is the score creditors use. There is another score used by TransUnion and Experian. It has a different scale. Always specify FICO. It really is the only one that matters.

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    I did a basic overview of the FICO scoring model on my website last week.

    There are several "credit scores", but the one that most lenders use is the FICO score. A 710 score is very good.

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    FICO is the well known company that does credit scoring. So, everyone calls any credit score a FICO score. But, there are other companies who do scoring too.

    Transunion has it's own. I find it to be almost 80 points lower than my FICO.

    FICO is who I trust. Why? Because when I applied for a mortgage, FICO was nearly identical to the score the mortgage company gave me.

    Transunion had me well below. Go figure. I won't buy scores from anyone but FICO.

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    FICO is your credit score.

    710 is above average.

    Average in the united states is aprox 650-670 depending what article you read.

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    Yes, 710 is better then average and would fall in the good range.

    680 Average

    700-750 Good

    750+ Excellent

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    Yep - pretty decent score. There's always room for improvement. Try and get to the higher 700's and the interest rate you've always wanted will be yours.

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