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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Have we've fallen short in caring for vets?

Sen. Barack Obama said Thursday the country has "often fallen short" of caring for war veterans during the Bush administration.

Calling attention to the "deplorable conditions" at places like Fort Bragg and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Obama said, "It doesn't have to be this way -- not in this country."

"There are many aspects of the war in Iraq that have gone inalterably wrong, but caring for our veterans is one thing that we can still get right," the Democratic presidential candidate said before a crowd in Fargo, North Dakota.


People shouldn't pretend to be military personnel when they aren't.

Update 2:

~b: ????? I am speechless

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Maybe ...

    Bush ... has done the best that he could while trying to keep the Socialist / Communist / Liberal / Marxist Democrats from running OUR country into the ground !!!

    Bush Blamers ... DEMOCRATS CONTROL the CONGRESS .. AND .. THE SENATE ...

    Bush did NOTHING without them ... BLAME THEM !!!!

    Democrats / Blamers ... TRY to explain this ...

    04/13/08 -

    President Bush Job Approval

    RCP Average

    Approve 31.0%

    Disapprove 65.5%

    Spread -34.5%

    Congressional Job Approval (DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED) **********

    RCP Average

    Approve 22.0%

    DISAPPROVE 70.0% **********

    Spread -48.0%


    Democrats have to recognize that since the 73rd Congress in 1933, for a MAJORITY of THE LAST 65 YEARS, Democratic Houses of Representatives and Democratic Senates have CONTROLLED the nation and the President.

    A TOTAL of 38 Sessions with Democrats in CONTROL for 28 of those!

    WE need to inform/TELL our political representatives that WE NEED TO PASS a Constitutional Amendment for the LINE ITEM VETO.

    This will keep the SPECIAL INTEREST GARBAGE from being attached to valuable legislation.

    If Congress wants to give the president that power, they will have to pass a constitutional amendment, Supreme Justice John Paul Stevens said. "If there is to be a new procedure in which the president will play a different role in determining the text of what may become a law, such change must come not by legislation but through the amendment procedures set forth in Article V of the Constitution," Stevens said, on June 25th, 1998.

    IF your special interest is SO valuable, why do you have to HIDE it in valuable legislation?

    So, with them REFUSING to PASS the Line Item Veto, in reality, the House and Senate have REALLY been controlling the country!!

    AND, with the CURRENT Senate and Congress having the WORST approval rating in HISTORY, hopefully we will see a LOT of changes after the general elections.

    A recent Reuters poll is out and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have pulled an upset: They have managed to make George Walker Bush twice as popular as CONGRESS.

    RECENTLY - - JUST 13% of Likely Voters now say the DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED Congress is doing a good or excellent job. A recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 43% give Congress a poor rating.

    Those results represent a slight decrease from the previous month, when 15% gave Congress a good or excellent rating.

    Democrats generally believe in heavy fines for honest work, while rewarding sloth and indulgence.

    Do YOU think that people should be able to do absolutely nothing productive and get government hand-outs for sloth and indulgence - healthcare, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, STDs, etc. ??

    Do YOU want to have YOUR MONEY TAKEN from YOU and YOUR FAMILY to FINANCE these people ???


    AND ... Please, research the ...

    Global Poverty Act (S.2433) ... it is being sponsored by none other than JUNIOR Senator Barack Obama - - - - who had a total of 143 DAYS of experience as a JUNIOR US Senator and believes that he DESERVES to be THE President of THE United States of America.


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  • 1 decade ago

    okay, vets need assistance. They are government employees, so their healthcare, retirement, and pay should all be well provided for by the government, just like any other employer should have nice benefits packages. BUT how can we afford to do more than what we are already doing? I think that the last few things that have passed are great things, the new gi bill is fabulous. But, for Barack to say that we are falling short is a gross misrepresentation! If anyone is falling short, it is not the government. Benefits for being in the military are generally wonderful, I am married to a Marine, so I know firsthand. The people who are falling short are the civilians! The civilians who work by contract for the government, who over charge for their time and give half-a@@ed effort. The civilians who do not welcome home our heros. The civilians who blame a Marine for doing his job, and call him a killer. BOO TO YOU, civilians, who are not pulling your weight. Look at the war efforts from WWI and WWII. Now that was how a country should care for its heros. Pull you own weight.

    how so? I mean, yes, the military should get well paid, this is the only thing the government is lacking... they are decently paid, but certainly not greatly paid. But, if a person works hard and is promoted, the potiential is there for great pay. The medical is completely provided for and housing and rations are also. If you factor those things into the pay, then they are paid much better than most people their age.

    SO that aside, where are you speechless?

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  • Bandit
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I believe that the VA medical is somewhat underfunded. However, it may be noted that some of the fault of bad conditions rests squarely on command officers. Here in Southern Nevada, every clinic I have been sent to is clean and orderly. Personnel are professional in demeanor and I couldn't ask for greater respect. Our commanding General has taken a hands on approach to his command.

    The care I have received is so better than that in the private sector as to defy comparison. I have NEVER waited more that 15 minutes past an appointment time and the facilities are the cleanest I have ever seen.

    A problem of patients missing appointments or arriving late does exist. I cannot understand why veterans continue to waste our resources this way. We can make it better, but we need to work at it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, we really have. I have talked with some Shriners about some things they have done for local veterans, because the government wouldn't assist.

    I support Disabled American Veterans, because the government simply does not do enough.

    Monuments are meaningless when combat wounded veterans are neglected the moment they are discharged. All I see is politicians talking to this or that VFW ad nauseum. They need to talk to the guys in the hospitals and the guys whose lives will never be the same again.

    Forget the GI Bill, pass a law that provide free medical care to every wounded veteran for the remainder of their lives.

    Less than that is simply unacceptable. These men and women were willing to give their lives at the request of their country. We owe them our gratitude and the freedom from worry with regard to their medical care. Raise taxes if need be to take care of our veterans.

    Our nation does an incredible job at saving these wounded men and women on the battlefield, but the job does not end there. Their well being for the rest of their lives is our responsibility.

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  • Z
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago


    re: ~b They take good care of you when you are in - but if/when you leave. It then depends on where you live.

    And think of those that leave - are they the ones who are doing well, are comfortable with the work they do and are healthy? Typically not - if you had all those things going for you - you'd still be in. Usually.

    They people that leave are often the injured - physically or mentally. And mentally is worse because it's not always as easy to identify. And those poor guys (and girls) are the ones who wind up on the street, or being cared for by relatives when they gov't should be seeking them out and caring for them.

    I'm not familiar with what happens upon discharge - but there should be people assigned to care for and actively seek out and followup with every soldier on a regular basis to ensure that they are taken care of and are receiving the benefits they deserve. Heck with the VA hospitals being their sole choice -- give them the ability to walk into ANY medical facility and get treatment for ANYTHING that ails them.

    That's the least I think we should do for people that follow orders to put their life on the line and follow orders to kill other people on behalf of our gov't. And I wouldn't mind discrimination in that respect either - between those that serve on the ground in active combat vs those that serve on a base of on our own soil or on a base in a non-combat area. I think once you've seen combat you should be entitled to 100% care anywhere in the USA. Consider it the best darned insurance plan you could ever get.

    And we should be a lot more conservative about deploying our soldiers. I meet too many of them on the streets. I know ones that didn't land on the streets. All of their lives are more difficult after serving in combat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As a Vet, and the Son and Grandson of a Vet, I have to tell you that Barack Obama knows nothing of the Military. Or, people who have served in the Military. This was said purely for political positioning.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah but too bad barack obama is delusional and an habitual liar////

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Animals come before our soliders?

    Nice one Obama.. nice one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well if Barack said, it must be true, wright.

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  • AXA
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Have WE'VE??? <<<What's THAT ?

    "he SAID", that's ALL HE DOES> How would HE know what WE'VE done with OUR VETS? HE'S NOT ONE. MCCAIN IS!!!


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