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my dog has a possible bladder infection is there any home remedies?

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    You need to see the vet, as you said it is a possible bladder infection, you need to know exactly what the problem is, before it can be treated correctly. If it is an infection you will also need antibiotics, time for a trip to the vets.

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    You need to find out why your dog is getting bladder infections. Bladder stones can be a culprit. You dog needs pain relief and antibiotics to copntrol the bacteria building up in her bladder. There aren't any "home remedies" you can use to treat a bladder infection, but some cranberry supplement can be used to prevent future infections.

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    Yea GO SEE THE VET NOW.. Bladder Infections are very painful dogs just like they are for people

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    home remedies will not get rid of it, it'll just make him/her feel better. You should bring your dog to the vet asap. Try your local animal hospital, they should be open 24/7 and on holidays.

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  • "Possible" isn't good enough I am afraid.

    Your dog needs to be seen by a vet for proper diagnosis.

    Do not guess about an illness and then proceed to treat it.

    You may do more harm than good & in the meantime the dog's condition worsens.

    the animal can't tell you what's wrong-the vet can!

  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    No. Antibiotics.

    Believe me if there was an effective home remedy for this I'd know it and use it. There's not.

  • KrisM
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    1 decade ago

    cranberry suplements can help but she will need antibiotics so off to the vets you go

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