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Does anyone know of a good game that is similiar to Ikariam? With all their rules I keep getting banned. Thank you

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    Tribal wars

    im sure you know about

    unless you dont

    but tribal wars is alot easier for one you dont need to send 100 people to a forest (and lose 1000 gold hour)

    instead you just constantly keep upgrading.

    its really boring though but it doesnt take as long as ikariam.

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    kingdom ages,,travian.and thats me :)

    heers some free no download MMORPG's for your troubles:sherwood dungeon,runescape and type rasterwerks into google and you get a free no download first person shooter.

    P.S. join server zeta pls and c when you do on your question can you add your co-ords :)

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    It was made by, they send you advertisements via email for their other games, check out

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